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Film review: The Muppets

muppetsThe Muppets, for those of you who claim to be too grown up for ‘kids” films, is a highly entertaining flick starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams and the usual suspects. The gang’s all here – Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal – and it’s not just one of those films made for the sake of nostalgia; there’s a genuinely worthy narrative here too. Jason plays Gary, brother of Walter, who has always felt like he doesn’t quite fit in. During a tour of the Muppet Theatre, the home of their fave childhood TV show, they discover that an evil oil tycoon wants to destroy the building to make way for his latest money-making venture. Uh-oh! Looks like the now separated posse will have to re-band to save the day!

It sounds incredibly cheesy when I put it like that, but it’s to be expected. And the big musical numbers (with collaboration from Flight of the Conchord’s Brett Mackenzie and co-screenwriter Segel himself) have so much heart that you forgive the predictable plot points. This music video is one of my favourite things ever! And the song itself won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Brett’s got it going on!

And like every good Muppets movie, it features cameos from the creme de le creme of comedic talent: Whoopi Goldberg, John Krasinski, Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Schaal, Sarah Silverman, Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black, to name just a few, and, of course, Emily Blunt as Miss Piggy’s receptionist. Love that gal! I also recommend The Five-Year Engagement, starring Blunt and Segel. They make quite a pair.

Have you seen The Muppets yet? Did you see it in the cinema like me or wait until you could see it in the comfort of your own home? Like Enchanted, it’s one of those films that harks back to simple childhood pleasures and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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