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My top ten viewed blog posts of 2013

As I creep nearer towards the 10,000 views mark (I take pride in these small milestones!), I want to take a moment to look back on my blogging year and in particular the ten posts which have had the most views. Here they are, from least to most popular.

top ten christmas films post

10. Top 10: Christmas films

Obligatory Christmas films post – good for hits every year!

top stationery supplier urban outfitters post

9. Top stationery supplier: Urban Outfitters

I got a bit excited over National Stationery Week and highlighted some of my favourite lines.

favourite stationery store paperchase post

8. Favourite stationery store: Paperchase

The National Stationery Week obsession continues – and provides the perfect opportunity to discuss my love of Paperchase!

in the spotlight james g wall post

7. In the spotlight: James G. Wall

I launched my ‘in the spotlight‘ series with an interview with filmmaker James G. Wall.

item of the day dungaree skater skirt post

6. Item of the day: Dungaree skater skirt

One of my items of the day that I could actually afford – one of my favourite real-life wardrobe pieces.

item of the day farmhouse storage bed post

5. Item of the day: Farmhouse storage bed

At the other end of the ‘item of the day’ spectrum – those waaay beyond my price range.

film review the truth about romance post

4. Film review: The Truth About Romance

My review of James’ feature debut. It has now had over 50,000 views – check it out!

outlaw craft fair post

3. Outlaw Craft Fair

This year I attended my first craft fair in an attempt to get more crafty. The cupcakes were good, to say the least! Here’s to a craftier 2014.

topshop does roller skates post

2. Topshop does roller skates

I miss roller derby and plan to get my skates back on eventually. These wouldn’t be remotely suitable but they bloody well look good! Roller disco, anyone?

tried and tested new look's shaper jeans

1. Tried and tested: New Look’s shaper jeans

I want to try and do some more ‘tried and tested‘ posts in the new year as these proved quite popular and they are something I would be looking for as a reader.

Thanks for reading! See you next year!

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