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Follow Friday #39

It's been a bit of a crazy week, having returned to work and hitting the sack around 9pm every night this week. I know, hardcore, right?! But in between reading Runaways Volume Three and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home on the bus, I've managed to catch up on a few blog posts… Continue reading Follow Friday #39

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Coming to terms with my post-pregnancy body

The problem with talking about your post-pregnancy body in any kind of negative way is that you're opening yourself up to certain types of comments. When I was pregnant the second time round I told myself that I wouldn't be 'one of those mums' who moans about her stretchmarks and her wobbly belly because these… Continue reading Coming to terms with my post-pregnancy body

adventure time sweater from truffle shuffle

Item of the day: Adventure Time sweater from Truffle Shuffle

I love watching Adventure Time with Jenson. He loves the opening sequence best, with the bright colours and music, and sits transfixed through an entire episode (we try not to binge watch). As such, I'm a bit obsessed with adult clothing featuring the fun characters. My fave at the moment is this black and white… Continue reading Item of the day: Adventure Time sweater from Truffle Shuffle

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Follow Friday #27

It's a quickie but still a goodie for my #FollowFriday this week. My mum is taking Jenson for a few hours so me and Luke can have a date afternoon - lunch at The Cornish Barn and Spectre! Cinema trips are few and far between these days. Anyhoo, grab a brew and a biccie and… Continue reading Follow Friday #27


10 things I love about autumn

Yep, I'm jumping on the obligatory seasonal post. Reading other people's posts reminded me why autumn is my favourite season. Come to think of it, I get pretty excited at the start of each new season, but autumn really is the best, isn't it? Here's why. 1. Drinking all of the hot chocolate. It's ok… Continue reading 10 things I love about autumn

old friends

Five happy things #1

I regularly see posts from some of my favourite bloggers sharing things that have made them happy during the week and this week has been so incredible that I've been felt inclined to share my own little list. They say that after having a baby it can take a while before you start to feel… Continue reading Five happy things #1

my september in photos 2015
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My life in photos: September 2015

Can you believe it's October already? It's practically autumn and I'm writing this after a baking hot Cornish day - the fuck? In case you missed the last month's worth of posts, here's a little look at what I've been up to. 1. I jazzed up my Super Noodles with a rather pretty heart-shaped bowl.… Continue reading My life in photos: September 2015

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My Christmas list

Last week I shared Jenson's Christmas list and this week I'm sharing my growing list/Pinterest board. My birthday is two months away and Luke, the lovely boyfriend that he is, has already started shopping, so I'm not being that much of an eager beaver by putting together a Pinterest list of favourites for friends and… Continue reading My Christmas list

marvel bodycon dress from sports direct

Item of the day: Marvel bodycon dress from Sports Direct

I saw someone walking around town the other day wearing this incredible dress and didn't have the nerve to ask her where she got it from. Then, when I was desperately checking every single store for a waterproof coat, I happened to see it when I popped into Sports Direct of all places! It was… Continue reading Item of the day: Marvel bodycon dress from Sports Direct

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Follow Friday #6

I didn't have much time to catch up on Bloglovin last week so I've rolled everything over to this week. I've even found some new favourite blogs! Enjoy :) Baby PREGNANCY: A Message To Everyone Who Has Compromised My Personal Space... - Treasure Every Moment 53 photos that prove pets are a baby’s best friend!… Continue reading Follow Friday #6