Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

I’ve just read back my hopes for 2013 post and I don’t think I’ve done too badly. This year, I didn’t set myself resolutions, rather I made a short list of things I wanted to achieve. Here’s how I cracked on with them:

1. Learn to sew

I might not have actually learned to sew but I am further along with this than at the start of the year – cos my lovely mummy got me this for Christmas!

make do and mend sewing box from BHS

And she even filled it with loads of lovely goodies herself, including a rather adorable hedgehog pin cushion.

sewing box

Now if that doesn’t inspire me to learn to sew, nothing will! Which leads me on to one of my plans for 2014: get crafty! I want to make things and I plan on starting with the Cath Kidston books (Cath Kidston Sew! book, Cath Kidston Mini Sew! book, Cath Kidston Make! book) and a Poppy Treffry class (which I have yet to buy/book…).

2. Grow my own

Given that we’re in a rented house with a patio garden, I think I’m doing quite well considering. My mum has ‘helped’ (read: done all of it) me to plant some pretty bulbs for the Spring which have just started coming up lovely and my window herb garden is sprouting too! Don’t ask me what is in each pot cos I can’t remember! But hopefully I’ll be able to use fresh herbs in my cooking soon.

my plants

3. Write more

Two things happened this year: I started working on my first screenplay and I started contributing to two new websites. However, I am still in the research stage of the screenplay and haven’t touched it for a good few months and I have taken a step back from one of these websites. I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew, so my plan for 2014 is to be more realistic with my time management, not put too much pressure on myself to take up every opportunity that I am offered and focus on the areas that I am most passionate about. My big plan for 2014 is to focus more on getting this blog properly established (network more, register a proper domain, develop the layout beyond a basic template) and finish the first research stage of my screenplay. I am still in the process of writing up found diaries and then I plan to move on to the craft of writing a screenplay. It’s been a while since I tackled that during A Level Film Studies!

I am also writing more at work, which I love. I’m often asked to pen press releases and I have launched a blog for the students’ union, so even though at times I’m writing less at home, I’m making up for this at work!

4. Take a break

I managed two mini holidays last year – one to Derbyshire to visit family for a few days and another to Bristol to visit friends. In 2014 I plan to return to Bristol for a gig (we’re seeing Wakey Wakey!) and we may venture to the Isle of Wight to see an old university friend of my boyfriend’s. I’d also love to spend more time outside in the Spring/Summer, even if this just means having dinner outside on the decking or sitting in a beer garden. The weather wasn’t on my side this year (it rarely timed with my days off) but, weather permitting, I’d love to find more budget day trips.

5. See more films

Well, seeing as I ventured to the cinema a mere ten times, you’d think I hadn’t achieved this. And I probably haven’t, as there is so much awesome entertainment on TV these days! The Mentalist, Castle, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Arrow, The Good Wife, Almost Human, Elementary… Until the mid-season breaks hit (all at once) just before Christmas, there was literally something to watch every day which we had Sky +ed. Is it really any wonder that that my film viewing is lacking? But my plan for this year is to remain up-to-date with new releases, even if I don’t catch them in the cinemas. Every now and then I’ll catch news of something starring someone I love or by a new director that I want to check out and then I completely forget about it because I’m not much of a cinema-goer anymore. I need to do what I used to do and keep a list (anal, I know) which I can refer back to and research DVD release dates.

As for additional aims and wishes for the new year, there’s not much to add. I want to get out more (see more places), do more (get crafty) write more (build my blog presence), see more films, meet more people… And they say you can’t have it all? Balls to that!

Happy new year!

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