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The Power, Taylor Swift and magic painting #LittleLoves

And just like that, another week's over! I've got two weeks of #LittleLoves to catch you up on as I abandoned last week's post in favour of celebrating Fountain Pen Day. Cos, y'know, it's me. So here's a look at what I've been loving lately. Read: The Power and Wild. I've read a lot of… Continue reading The Power, Taylor Swift and magic painting #LittleLoves

Jenson mittens
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The Cursed Child, The Walking Dead and indie film soundtracks #LittleLoves

This week I've been battling a poorly child, a serious lack of me time and debating whether or not to get out the winter coat. Here's a look at the sunnier side of the last seven days. Read: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child - and it nearly wrecked me, almost on a level with… Continue reading The Cursed Child, The Walking Dead and indie film soundtracks #LittleLoves

beauty and the beast
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Scrappy Little Nobody, The Walking Dead and spring footwear #LittleLoves

It's been another long and knackering week - three nights out of the last seven I've gone to bed with Jenson and not had an evening to myself (self-care anyone?) and there's so much I want to get done. I felt super-productive when I changed all the bedding yesterday though; you can't beat fresh sheets.… Continue reading Scrappy Little Nobody, The Walking Dead and spring footwear #LittleLoves

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Friday Favourites #20

It's been one of those semi-relaxing weeks where I've been able to read a good book, catch up on TV, bust out some blog posts and get some prep work in for Christmas - aces! Here's what I've been loving this week. 1. Time to blog. Last Saturday Jenson didn't nap; he was awake for… Continue reading Friday Favourites #20

chicklitdesigns phone cases
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Wish list: chicklitdesigns from Etsy

I recently came across an awesome subscription service on Instagram called Once Upon a Bookcase where subscribers get a new phone case every month inspired by a top title. I instantly fell in love with this Peter Pan case but wanted to buy it on its own. A quick Etsy search threw up chicklitdesigns, who… Continue reading Wish list: chicklitdesigns from Etsy

follow friday
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Follow Friday #40

Oh dear, I'm writing my Follow Friday right before bed on a Friday night again. Good job I don't have a social life, right? At least I have my commute to catch up on my fave blogs now, so I've managed to bookmark a fair few for this post. Happy bedtime reading! Lifestyle This post… Continue reading Follow Friday #40

pop vinyls from iwoot
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New obsession: Pop! Vinyl Figures

I've suddenly developed a new obsession - Pop! Vinyl Figures! And the best part is I Want One of Those are selling some absolute beauties for £8.99 a piece (£2 off) with free standard delivery over a tenner. But which to choose?! They've got characters from everything from Marvel to Disney, the Walking Dead to… Continue reading New obsession: Pop! Vinyl Figures

batman merchandise from bay 57
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New favourite website: Bay 57

It's not often that a sponsored post pops up on my Facebook newsfeed and I click on the link. It's even more rare that I then spend the best part of an hour browsing the entire site, following their social media accounts and pinning pretty much their entire stock. But that's what happened when Bay… Continue reading New favourite website: Bay 57

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Coming soon to DVD: Game of Thrones Season 3

I think I'm the only geek in the world who hasn't seen Game of Thrones yet. It's on the list and I intend to catch up this year - just as soon as I'm done with Castle, The Mentalist, The Walking Dead, Arrow, Elementary... and Chuck! I've still not seen Season 5. Then there's Breaking… Continue reading Coming soon to DVD: Game of Thrones Season 3


Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

I've just read back my hopes for 2013 post and I don't think I've done too badly. This year, I didn't set myself resolutions, rather I made a short list of things I wanted to achieve. Here's how I cracked on with them: 1. Learn to sew I might not have actually learned to sew… Continue reading Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!