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New girl crushes: Rachel Khoo and Janet Lee

Up until very recently, my ultimate girl crush was Zooey Deschanel. Don’t worry, she’s still riding high as my numero uno, with her adorable dorkiness, fabulous dress sense, unashamed feminist tendencies whilst still being feminine, awesome acting chops, hilarious comic talents and co-founding one of the best websites out there, Hello Giggles, but closing in on her suitably quirky heels are chef Rachel Khoo and TV producer Janet Lee.

Rachel Khoo and Janet Lee

Rachel is the lovely lady behind The Little Paris Kitchen and My Little French Kitchen and Janet runs the blog and wrote the book Living in a Nutshell. I wrote about The Little Paris Kitchen after I fell in love with my aunt’s copy and I wanted Janet’s apartment after I saw video for Tiny Amazing Eclectic Spaces. When you see these videos, you’ll understand why.

So, on New Year’s Eve my boyfriend was showing me these YouTube clips of people with small houses but amazing spaces and Janet’s video came up. I was speechless. I wanted everything sooo much! Then she said she had a blog and book about the awesome stuff she has in her apartment and how to do something similar with your own space. Perfect! I immediately tracked them down. Then I told my boyfriend to search for Rachel Khoo on YouTube because she reminded me of her (beautiful, inspiring, fucking fabulous!) and I then and there I had to order all of the above books. They’re on their way to my house as we speak, so I’ll let you know how I get on revamping my home and my culinary skills!

What about you? Who are your current girl crushes? Zooey? Rachel? Janet? The formerly fabulous Beyonce has gone down in my estimations since the publicity for her latest album but Jennifer Lawrence is right up there too! Am I massively overlooking anyone?

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