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10 Things I Love About… this month’s Cosmopolitan

The only chance I really get to read is on the commute to work. When I’m at home, I’m usually catching up on TV or blogging, so I really only read if I literally can’t put a book down. At the moment I’m catching up on this month’s magazine subscriptions and today it was Cosmo’s turn. The problem with reading a magazine on the bus is that when I see something I like, I have to fold the corner down and look it up online when I get home. My 3G is intermittent when passing through villages and it’s easier to search, pin and blog at the same time. So here are the ten things I loved in this month’s issue:

1. This amazing Kate Spade bag! It’s £$298 (£178.14)) so waaay out of my price range, but it’s so friggin’ adorable!!!

kate spade grand tour wicker bag

2. This bra from Marks and Spencer. Turns out it’s from the Rosie Huntington-Whitely range for Autograph.

autograph bra from marks and spencer

3. This gorgeous dress by Paule Ka. Think I feel a blog post coming on just about these dresses

dress by paule ka

4. These adorable crochet shoes, £17.99 from New Look

crochet shoes from new look

5. This skirt , £25.00, in the Fearne Cotton range for Very

fearne cotton skirt for very

6. This uber-flattering A-line skirt from River Island

a-line skirt from river island

7.  They’re loving ‘people called Emma’. Damn good name, if I may say so myself!

8. Interview with Michael Buble!

michael buble

9. Tips on how to save money

10. Tips on how to progress in your career.

Thanks, Cosmo!

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