Get it now: Paloma Faith’s new album

For some reason, I learned from this month’s Glamour that Paloma Faith has a new album out. How did I miss this? I was casually flicking through the magazine while on the way to work and in the review section… bam! New music from Paloma!

paloma faith a perfect contradiction

I must admit, I don’t listen to the radio a whole bunch, so it takes a while for new music to reach me, but I should have known about this a lot sooner. I love her album Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful and still haven’t gotten around to downloading Fall to Grace (dunno why – it takes like two seconds!) and she has such a great sound – big ballads, perky dance numbers – and a fantastic performer. I love the theatrical costumes and think she’s fascinating. I first saw her on T4 performing on the Hollyoaks set and was all ‘what the fuck?!’ but she’s bloody brilliant!

I had a look through the track listing on Amazon and it sounds like a lot of pain  went into making this album: Can’t Rely on You, Only Love Can Hurt Like This, Taste My Own Tears, The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall), Love Only Leaves You Only… sounds like a heartbreaker to me.

paloma faith a perfect contradiction

If you loved her last two albums, give it a shot. I’m off to check out the previews on itTunes. In the meantime, take a look at the first single from the album.



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