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Follow Friday #37

Man, where has the time gone? I didn't manage a Follow Friday last week because I was busy sleeping at every available opportunity. Then this week just flew by (thanks to some more early nights) and I've barely made a dent in my Bloglovin' saved posts lists. Plus I didn't start writing this post until… Continue reading Follow Friday #37

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Follow Friday #12

How is it that even though I have oodles of time on my hands with maternity leave that I still can't catch up on Bloglovin'? Here are the posts I've been loving inbetween naps this week. Lifestyle In celebration of being uncool - Hello Giggles 25 Things All Girls Secretly Do - Hannah Gale A… Continue reading Follow Friday #12

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Bump Watch: Week 14 – shopping for maternity clothes

I'm now 14 weeks pregnant - over a third of the way through! During the worst weeks of morning sickness and waiting for the dating scan, it felt like pregnancy was the longest thing in the world but I just know the next few months are going to fly by. And I have more appointments… Continue reading Bump Watch: Week 14 – shopping for maternity clothes


Highlights of the week

Lots to peruse this week, from Lena Dunham to fairy lights, new book releases and tasty recipes. Enjoy! Lifestyle Modern home office design ideas - 10 of the best - House to Home Lena Dunham opens birth control discussion on Twitter and the result is amazing - Cosmopolitan 41 Things No British Person Can Ever… Continue reading Highlights of the week


Get it now: Paloma Faith’s new album

For some reason, I learned from this month's Glamour that Paloma Faith has a new album out. How did I miss this? I was casually flicking through the magazine while on the way to work and in the review section... bam! New music from Paloma! I must admit, I don't listen to the radio a… Continue reading Get it now: Paloma Faith’s new album


Review: The Glamour Beauty Edit

When I was reading the latest issue of Glamour on the bus coming home from work, I felt compelled to shop! That doesn't happen very often, but I got my phone out straight away, headed over to the Latest in Beauty website and ordered the Glamour Beauty Edit. £14.95 including delivery for a box of… Continue reading Review: The Glamour Beauty Edit