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Item of the day: To Kill a Mockingbird pencils

to kill a mockingbird pencils from etsyNational Stationery Week kicks off today and this year they’re focusing on a different area each day. Today is Pencil Day and, being the stationery geek that I am, you might have noticed that I’ve blogged about some cool and quirky pencils lately. I tend to blog about stationery more generally an awful lot but I’m not gonna let that hold me back! This week’s item of the day posts will be in keeping with National Stationery Week (be sure to follow them on Twitter to hear the latest on all the competitions and freebies) and so here is another favourite pencil. Today I’m loving this set with quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird. They’re £4.92 from Etsy.

During my ‘research’ I came across Paper Crush. You’ve gotta check out their Pinterest board – it’s full of so much pretty. I had to restrain myself from repinning everything!

Like this? You’ll love my stationery Pinterest board. Just scrolling through it makes me smile. I’m so cool it hurts!

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