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5 things from Blogging Gals

blogging galsThe lovely ladies from Blogging Gals have sent over their five things (see ‘40 Things‘ for more info) and there were so many great responses that I decided to dedicate an entire post to them. Thanks, ladies!

Without sounding like a big head*
1.sense of humour
2. work ethic
3. big heart
4. and most recently my figure as I’ve worked hard to shed the pounds and feel confident.
5. Fashion sense.

1. I like my eyes; people think I have some oriental mix in me (my name also adds to the suspicions). However I don’t have no noodles in my veins. I’m just Turkish.
2. I like my boobs. Great pair of tits. Not too big, not too small. Honk honk.
3. I like my determination of getting to where I want to be whatever the obstacles are and however long I have to wait. I will get there.
4. I love my honesty. Honesty is the best policy. Just know when to be honest or not, like your face is ugly but at least you can dress. Don’t ever say that.
5. I like being social. I like mixing with new people, getting to know people etc. Its fun! You can never know too many personalities; it’s amazing how many people are crazy/boring.

1. I like my hair, I’ve done so much to it in the last few years and a few months ago I got it cut into a short bob and it’s growing wonderfully as I don’t use heat on it.
2. I love the blue of my eyes.
3. The amount of love that I can give and feel towards my son, which I didn’t ever think was possible.
4. My determination when I really want something
5. My ability to understand someone’s ‘wrong’ actions instead of judging or getting mad.

1. My eyes – they’re my favourite feature on my face, despite the fact that I need glasses!
2. My waist – it’s quite small and makes me feel womanly.
3. My ability to listen – I’ve always been the agony aunt with my friends; I give good advice and really listen.
4. The fact that I’m happy in my own company – I don’t need to be in a relationship; I’m strong on my own and can stand on my own two feet.
5. My tastebuds – I love the taste of healthy food, which makes trying to lose weight and get healthier easier!

1. My eyes are my favourite feature and I have been told by people that they’re beautiful and they can see the emotion in my eyes.
2. Although I’m a little shy, I do think I’m quite funny in crazy, silly and weird ways!
3. Since studying art, fashion and textiles in school I’ve been told I’m a perfectionist but only when I put my all into something.
4. I don’t fully show my emotions but I love my family & friends dearly – no matter how much they may annoy me, I know who’ll always have my back and vice versa.
5. Recently I’ve suffered a lot of heartache and it has made me realise how short life is. So, I try not to worry about petty things and to ignore any negativity.

1. I like me eyes; I love how they change from different shades of brown.
2. I love my patience; patience is such a virtue and I’m lucky enough to be able to stay calm and collected in stressful situations.
3. I love my sense of humour; I’m not a comedian but my sense of humour allows me to get on with others well.
4. I love my determination to succeed; I will work and work til I get what I want. I’m a bit of a perfectionist too.
5. I love my smile; I’ve been told many times that it’s brightened someone’s day or cheered them up in some way.

*I’ve found with a lot of people that they’ve been a bit afraid to celebrate their achievements or big themselves up. This is your opportunity to be proud of yourself. There is nothing wrong with recognising your strong points. After all, they always ask you this in job interviews!

If you haven’t sent me your five things but want to contribute, please leave your list in the comments below – I love reading them! And if you’ve written your own blog post about this, send me the link.

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