Item of the day: Desk tidy

memo tree from not on the high streetBelieve it or not, National Stationery Week has just encouraged me to tidy my desk! Because today is ‘tidy desk day’! So, if you need something to organise your pens, make sense of your clutter or file your paperwork, look no further. My office Pinterest board is full of all kinds of that shit! But here are some of my favourites. There’s the garden shed, the fox and the giant pencil sharpener but the must-have item for your desk has gotta be this unbelievably adorable memo bird house, complete with little birdy magnets! I want it so bad! It’s £13.99 from Not on the High Street and the magnets come in either pink or lime green (both from my office colour scheme) and birds or butterflies! I’m so tempted to order it but I just ordered the Jane Austen notebook from yesterday… This week is gonna bankrupt me!

Oh, and here’s a picture of my lovely tidy desk for you! I’ve recently moved into the boyfriend’s office (we’re sharing), so the poster and toys will change…

my desk

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