Emma Bridgewater’s Black Toast collection

I know this isn’t exactly a new collection but my love for it is. I’ve just been browsing Temptation Gifts and there are so many awesome products! There’s stuff for your baked goods…

emma bridgewater black toast

Heart dish, £46.71
Large round cake tin, £10.16
Medium round cake tin, £9.31
Small round cake tin, £7.64
Long rectangular tin, £5.53

… and other must-have kitchen items…

emma bridgewater black toast

Water jug, £42.46
Glass tumbler, £21.21
Half pint mug, £16.96
Breakfast cup and saucer, £19.51
Inspiring half pint mug, £16.96
Plate, £9.56

… outerwear…

emma bridgewater black toast

bag, raincoat, we

… and stationery!

emma bridgewater black toast

Large pencil case, £9.95
Ballpen, £5.99
Memories box, £14.95

I could almost make a want, need, wear, read of that. Great range of items!

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