calligraphuck sweary stationery

Sweary stationery

The beady-eyed stationery addicts among you might remember a post earlier in the year where I showed off this super sexy and super sweary journal. Well, Calligraphuck and Abrams + Chronicle have only gone and made more bleddy awesome sweary stationery! As you know, you can never have too much stationery, but when you have… Continue reading Sweary stationery

stationery wish list

A stationery wish list

You may remember that I used to do 'item of the day' posts, where I'd share my favourite finds. I recently decided to switch to semi-regular wish list posts instead. It's been a while since the last one but I've continued to bookmark some of my favourite little treats and now it's time to share… Continue reading A stationery wish list

kikki k letters are better

Item of the day: Letters Are Better range from kikki.K

Holy crap, I just had a major nerdgasm when I saw the new Letters Are Better range from kikki.K. I have never wanted every piece of a collection before! Here's a look at my highest of highlights. Large planner, £51.00, Letter writing set, £6.00, Slim to do list pad, £6.00, Inspiration kit, £7.50, Cup, £7.50,… Continue reading Item of the day: Letters Are Better range from kikki.K

get shit done mousepad from typo
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Item of the day: Mousepad from Typo

Stationery fans around the UK squealed with delight when Typo set up their very own British website. I've finally taken the time to have a little look around and my stationery Pinterest board has grown as a result. My fave item at the mo has to be this 'get shit done' mousepad. Come to think… Continue reading Item of the day: Mousepad from Typo

my neighbour totoro pencil case from cloudy cow
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Item of the day: My Neighbour Totoro pencil case from Cloudy Cow

In last week's Follow Friday I shared Mrs Brimble's post about Cloudy Cow and oh my gosh there is so much awesome over there! I'm loving this Totoro pencil case - it's a total bargain at £3.50. And that's not all! They also stock incredible washi tapes, featuring paper clips, mugs, wellies, rabbits and umbrellas… Continue reading Item of the day: My Neighbour Totoro pencil case from Cloudy Cow

roald dahl items from truffle shuffle
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Wishlist: Truffle Shuffle’s kids range

How have I only just realised how extensive Truffle Shuffle's kids range is? There's loads of awesome stuff here for Jenson when he's older - Peter Rabbit, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Roald Dahl. And stuff for me too! Who says you have to grow up? Roald Dahl items, clockwise from top left: adult's t-shirt (£24.99),… Continue reading Wishlist: Truffle Shuffle’s kids range

panda letter writing set
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New favourite stationery website: Modes 4 U

Stop the presses! I've found the most incredible kawaii stationery site! And it's all available for peanuts! Modes 4 U have shit loads of amazing gear and I insist you head over there and check it out - straight after you discover my favourites below... Mechanical pencil refill set, £2.24 Ballpoint pen, £5.66 Pencil case,… Continue reading New favourite stationery website: Modes 4 U


Emma Bridgewater’s Black Toast collection

I know this isn't exactly a new collection but my love for it is. I've just been browsing Temptation Gifts and there are so many awesome products! There's stuff for your baked goods... Heart dish, £46.71 Large round cake tin, £10.16 Medium round cake tin, £9.31 Small round cake tin, £7.64 Long rectangular tin, £5.53… Continue reading Emma Bridgewater’s Black Toast collection


Item of the day: Pencil case

Oh no! We're over halfway through National Stationery Week! But there's still plenty to look forward to, including receiving two prizes in the post! I'll be sure to share all of my goodies at the end of the week. Until then, today is pencil case day. I have to admit, I haven't used an actual… Continue reading Item of the day: Pencil case


Radley: Snowed Under

While browsing for new phone covers this afternoon I headed over to check out what Radley had to offer and came across the cutest new range - how had I missed this before? It must have been out a while because it's already in the sale. Snowed Under is available in three colour combos and… Continue reading Radley: Snowed Under