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Coming soon to a cinema near you: The Fault in Our Stars and Love, Rosie

I shared my early thoughts on the adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars when I posted my book review but, I have to admit, I’m pretty excited now that the second trailer has been released. In fact, I may even brave bawling my eyes out in the cinema.

It appears to be a faithful and beautifully heart-breaking film, with all of the elements of the novel that fans will remember and love. It’s released in UK cinemas on 19 June. Okay.

As for Love, Rosie. What the fuck? I must admit, it’s been a while since I read Cecelia Ahern’s Where Rainbows End (in fact, it was about eight years ago) but I don’t remember it having the kind of tone that the two teasers suggest.

I imagined it would be something along the lines of the TV movie Love Letters, starring Laura Linney (which I can’t seem to find a clip of on YouTube). Judging by these two short clips, it looks like a cliched teen sex flick rather than the endearing drama about two friends who are hopelessly in love with each other which I fondly remember. Not impressed. But I will hold out for a ‘proper’ trailer with crossed fingers – and toes. It’s due for release in UK cinemas on 17 October.

Do either of these take your fancy?

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