Why I love the #lbloggers chat

The #lbloggers chat is a Twitter chat for lifestyle bloggers. It takes place every Sunday evening from 7-8pm and gives bloggers a chance to discuss a different topic each week, share good practice and find some interesting new blogs to read. I don’t manage to check in as much as I’d like to but when I do find the time I always come away with at least a handful of new links added to my blogroll. It’s a great place to discover bloggers with similar interests and, last week in particular, I was introduced to ten new blogs which I instantly loved.

peachy notes blog

I was drawn to Jessica’s posts about what it’s like to blog, particularly her post on the ups and downs of blogging. As someone keen to keep growing as a blogger, it’s always interesting to read about someone else’s experiences.

margarets blanket blog

Margaret’s Blanket is great. Not only is she a fantastic designer but she also highlights where she finds her favourite products, as well as other inspiring creative types, including Emma Jackson and Angelika Latko.

wish wish wish blog

I can’t believe I had never seen or heard of Wish Wish Wish until Becky Bedbug happened to mention her in the chat! Carrie’s blog is beautifully designed (probably my favourite blog in the design stakes) and she’s also incredibly stylish in her day-to-day life (she owns one of those candy Lulu Guinness bags – jealous!). Her photos will make you want to escape into her world. Heaven!

Claire from Dainty Ghosts is a book worm with impeccable taste (a recent post featured two of my recent reads in her pile – biased much?) and I love the way she edits captions and illustrations onto her photographs – they’re beautiful.

whimsical mrs w blog

Whimsical Mrs W is another new favourite and it’s always nice to see another non-city gal blogging, especially one in the South West. I particularly like that she has a 30 before 30 list (I started mine six months ago, on my 26th birthday, but it’s still in draft form. I hope to share with you soon!) and also blogs about the art of blogging. In fact, she blogged about the latest #lbloggers chat too!


During the #lbloggers chat I came across Caitlin’s ultimate list of blogger chats. Given that I enjoy this one so much, I figured it was worth finding out more about others that happen during the week. I took a look around her blog and, although I don’t usually find much of interest in beauty blogs, I really like her Motivational Monday posts.

Nerdy Tea Girl

The title speaks for itself right? I mean, why wouldn’t I love this?! She finds great things on the high street (including these super cute stick-on nails) and her wish list provides plenty of inspiration for my own. I also like her Book vs Movie posts – a definite new fave!

time to see the stars

Time to See the Stars caught my attention when I first checked out Sarah Lauren’s blog as her header is just so dreamy! And she’s not about style over substance as the content is just as worthy of your attention, ranging from posts about blogging and social media to trips to the zoo – I’m a sucker for a cute animal pic!

A Cornish Girl

Well, for a start this girl has the best blog button – how cute is that?! Secondly, she’s Cornish, which makes her pretty damn awesome in my book. And thirdly (ok, there’s loads of awesome things about this blog, but I think three things is a suitable amount before I start getting all rambly and fangirl-ish) her photography beautifully highlights why the Cornish lifestyle is so great.

pumpkin seed blog

And last but not least, The Pumpkin Seed is a craft blog which you could easily get lost in. Not only does she share her creations and experiences, but she also promotes must-have items which she found elsewhere. I want pretty much everything!

The #lbloggers chat isn’t just about finding new blogs to read; the conversation really makes you think about why blogging is so important and how you can use it to your full advantage. Last week’s chat was about ‘big’ vs ‘small’ blogs – what makes someone big, how this affects your content and opportunities, etc. I found myself clicking ‘favourite’ on a lot of tweets and often responding to posts and getting stuck into the conversation. It struck me that not everyone gets involved in these conversations but comments often arise that we really should be considering. With that in mind, here are some of the ideas that got bounced around which I found particularly interesting. I might even make a points to review each week’s chat and share my thoughts – in more than 180 characters.

#lbloggers chat

If you want your blog to grow, you need to keep attracting new readers and giving them something to stick around for.

#lbloggers chat

A lot of the discussion centred on what makes a big blog and how bloggers interact differently with their readers after they’ve ‘made it’, as well as people who want to increase their traffic without letting their work speak for itself, such as ‘follow me and I’ll follow back’ requests. I’ve found that the trick to getting more followers is just to keep writing passionately and regularly and the rest will follow.

#lbloggers chat

As someone who wants to eventually be blogging for a living, at least part-time, I’m well aware that getting there will take a helluva lot of work. But it’s worth it if you’re blogging about something you genuinely care about. My first journalism-related interview was for a Gas magazine. In the interview I was asked how I would be able to write passionately about the content, given that my specialism is film, and it was very hard to fake! Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.

#lbloggers chat

The thing I love most about blogging is the overwhelming support from others and the sense of community. Women might be getting a lot of flack lately for our bitchiness and criticism of others but you only need to follow one #lblogger chat to see that we’re actually pretty amazing.

#lbloggers chat

If you haven’t followed the #lbloggers chat before, check it out tomorrow. You never know what you might discover!

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