Highlights of the week

It didn’t take long for my posts to become less regular. After two weeks of two posts a day, life has started getting in the way again (over-time, teeny hint of a social life, etc) and I’ve not shared as much of the internet’s awesome as I would have liked this week. I’ve been trying to keep on top of my reading and am in the process of updating a new bloglovin profile so I can stay updated on the commute.

New blog finds
What Olivia Did
Away With The Fairies

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Blog posts
A Twenty-Something’s Guide on How to Get Your Shit Together – aliljoy

Online articles
X-Men’s Ellen Page on Life After Coming Out, the Bryan Singer Case and Her Battle With Depression – The Hollywood Reporter
10 Things Every 20-Something Girl Needs For a Happy Life – Elite Daily
The Lost Creators Come Clean – Esquire
Tyra Banks’ New Phrase, “Flawsome”, Is One We Should All Be Using – Hello Giggles
A Few Quotes From Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield About Love – Hello Giggles
Word perfect: How to become a freelance writer – The Guardian

Want, need, wear, read

want need wear read

Want: As soon as Truffle Shuffle shared this mug (£7.99) on their Facebook page, I knew I had to have it. Dressing up your My Little Pony while have a cup of tea? What could be cooler than that?!

Need: I really do intend to start attempting my own craft projects (I might be procrastinating a little bit but I’ll get there!) and this cute little sewing machine fro Hobbycraft looks like the perfect thing to get me started – plus it has been reduced from £25 to £15! Bargain!

Wear: I am so unbelievably gutted that by the time I found out that this sweater exists it had sold out! I’m gonna keep it bookmarked in case it comes back though. C’mon, ASOS, I’ll be your best friend!

Read: I picked up a copy of Vintage Life this month because the fabulous Dawn O’Porter is on the cover. I love this woman! I love her novels, I love her Glamour column, I love reading her tweets… And now she has a vintage fashion TV show (I’m still trying to track down when it’s gonna start on Channel 4) and there’s an accompanying book! There isn’t an official release date on Amazon yet but you can pre-order it for £13.94.

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