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New favourite blog: Little Winter

I’ve just discovered my new favourite blog and my new girl crush: Little Winter/Katy.


The blog focuses on the beautiful life of a beautiful couple who own beautiful things with beautiful photographs… You get the gist. But seriously, it’s such a dreamy website and at the end of each page I found myself clicking ‘older posts’ over and over again until I had gone back over a year. I eventually stopped as I thought I was entering the creepy fangirl zone.

This lovely couple have just moved into a gorgeous home and the attention to detail with the decor is phenomenal – they have all of the Next home accessories that are on my wish list. And her wardrobe is affordably stylish – I want it all! Click on the photos below for some of my favourite posts – all immediately pinned for future reference. Prepare yourself for serious home envy!

little winter life lately

little winter little house

little winter sleeping better

little winter indoor child

little winter brakeburn

Little Winter makes me wish I could blog full-time so I can spend my time buying and taking photos of pretty things and fill my house with cute little accessories that make me smile. Oh, and win the lottery so I can actually afford to do this… I’d best go out and get that ticket!

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