Highlights of the week

Lots of recommended reading this week – I’ve been catching up on the commute! Give them a go and let me know what you think.

New blog discoveries*
a pair & a spare
Beauty Full Homes
Daisy Chain Book Reviews
Me, Bookshelf and I
Milk Bubble Tea
smitten kitchen
This Book is Reserved
Tilly and the Buttons

Blog posts
Tips and Tricks: Blogging Tips #6 – The Lovecats Inc
Stunning floral fashion illustrations by Grace Ciao – Because I’m Addicted
Personalised doormat – P.S. – I Made This
The Pretty in Pink edible flower cocktail – Because I’m Addicted
Blogger ‘perfection’ – Milk Bubble Tea
Top 10 (not so obvious) blog tips – Eat Yourself Skinny
Blogging: serious business? – Couture Girl
A little family holiday to Cornwall – Sarah Speaks

My week in photos

my week in photos

1. I finally tried my new tea infuser and the Drink Me tea set. I’ve yet to master the appropriate amount of milk and some of the leaves like to escape but I kinda like it.

2. My mum came around yesterday to ‘help me’ (read: do most of the work) with the garden. She had started growing my sweet peas for me, so we replanted those, and she brought over some Busy Lizzies, sunflowers and some others whose names I don’t remember. They’ll look pretty though!

3. I had a weekend of pub lunches! This was the first cider in the beer garden at my local yesterday. Gardening was thirsty work!

4. We dog sat for the boyfriend’s parents this weekend and took the little chap down to Gwithian Towans this afternoon. He seemed pretty happy making friends with everyone but he was bloody knackered! Gorgeous day though – and led to pub lunch number two! Look out for my Gwithian blog post coming soon.

Want, need, wear, read

want need wear read

Want: A typewriter! I had one when I was little but my parents got us a desktop at the earliest available opportunity. Now I quite fancy this typewriter (£135.00). Dunno what I’d do with it though…

Need: Scratch and sniff nail wraps (£4.00)?! Well done whoever came up with this idea!

Wear: The bow detail on the back of this dress (£49.00) is adorable.

Read: I first heard about this book (£11.55) when Glamour reviewed it a few months back. Sounds cool. It’s on The List!


*I’ve recently set up an account on Blogloving and am making my way through the top blogs. There are so many awesome blogs that I hadn’t come across before!

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