The #lbloggers chat: Summer, guilty pleasures and inspiration with @AlyshiasLife

Last week I blogged about my experience with the #lbloggers chat and had some great feedback from some of the other chatty ladies out there. I’m planning on making it a weekly feature, so here are some of my highlights from this week.

Leading up to the chat, there was a lot of love for a topic which celebrates the successes of other bloggers and sharing some of our favourite links. Last week’s chat focused rather a lot on rules and how we think other bloggers should behave and many bloggers were keen to reinforce the importance of doing what makes you happy.

#lbloggers chat

#lbloggers chat

@AlyshiasLife kicked off the chat by asking about our plans for the summer. Not blogging plans. Just plans. It was nice to get slightly off topic. What I loved most about this week’s chat is that it felt more chatty than usual. Sure, there were topics so we all had something to focus on but it felt a lot more interactive, with people sharing their interests and getting inspiration for future posts. It made a change from the usual ‘you must do this’, ‘can someone advise me on this’ or ‘if you follow me, I’ll follow back’.

It’s always nice to see that other bloggers have the same goals as you and that you share common interests and aspirations. Sometimes we get too bogged down with how we’re supposed to behave, what we’re supposed to blog about and judging each other (as much as we try not to!) and it was great to just be able to chat!

#lbloggers chat

One of my favourite tweets was about guilty pleasures.

#lbloggers chat

It reminded me of this Guardian article and the idea that ‘guilty pleasures’ shouldn’t exist as a term. We should like what we like and that’s it, no matter if someone else deems it childish or low-brow.

“Films are there very largely to give you pleasure: they are pleasure-giving devices, and if a film succeeds in giving you pleasure, shouldn’t you have the courage of your convictions and own up to it?”

Remember that the next time your boyfriend turns his nose up when he comes home to discover you watching Enchanted (more about that in this week’s film post for aliljoy on Friday!).

I bonded with some fellow bloggers over hoarding clothes, tea and biscuits, animal print, licking the spoon while baking, being a Nerdfighter and One Tree Hill. All of the important things in life!

#lbloggers chat

#lbloggers chat

#lbloggers chat

#lbloggers chat

I also discovered just how small this world is by coming across THREE other Emmas (more a common name than small world, but whatever) plus a student who goes to the university that I work at! And that, dear readers, is the beauty of the #lbloggers chat!

#lbloggers chat

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