Item of the day: Simple system to match your values with the appropriate political party for tomorrow’s election!

tickboxToday’s item of the day post is a little bit different – the item is a quiz. But it’s not just ‘which Shakespeare character are you?’, it’s the other quiz I took yesterday. One which helped me determine who to vote for in the European elections tomorrow. Working in a students’ union has opened my eyes to the lack of political awareness amongst young people. They think politics doesn’t concern them because nothing ever seems relevant. This is because they have neglected to vote, or even register to vote, so often in the past, that politicians think they don’t care and that they don’t need to offer something to them. Tomorrow could be the first of many steps to us reclaiming our government. Not happy with the rise of tuition fees? Working in a job you’re overqualified for? Still living with your parents because you can’t afford a deposit to buy a house? Do something about it! Your vote matters – make it count! And not having a clue about who is promising what doesn’t matter – just head over to the quiz, tick the values that matter to you and find out who will best represent your interests. Simple!

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