30 before 30

30 before 30I started writing this blog post last year with the aim of publishing it on my 26th birthday. I was about to reach the wrong side of 25 (a downhill slope towards 30, right?) and was thinking about all of thing things that I wanted to do before I became officially old. The problem was, I could only list 14 things! Surely there must have been more that I wanted to do. Then a couple of weeks ago I realised that I was quickly approaching 26 and a half – a perfect opportunity to finish the post, make it live and thereby make it official. So I started thinking about my wider bucket list, as well as the little things and reminding myself of how far I’ve already come. I also realised there are types of things that people wanted to achieve – milestones in relationships, travelling, career, new skills and experience. So I decided to organise my lists (what I’ve already achieved, my 30 before 30 and my long-term bucket list. I plan on revisiting this each birthday to mark my progress.

What I’ve already ticked off

me and luke


  • Fall in love
  • Move in with the man I love (three years ago this month!)


  • Get a job related to my degree
  • Teach (I don’t teach now but I am qualified and earning this qualification meant getting teaching experience)

school trip to belgium


  • Go abroad (school history trip to war graves in Belgium)


  • Have a signature dish (sausage and mash – it sounds pretty basic but I do parsnip mash and red onion gravy. Mmmmm)
  • Learn to play an instrument (I reached level 2 with drums and level 6 with clarinet)

london eye


  • Ride the London Eye
  • Go ice skating
  • Make a snow angel
  • Ride in a limo (three times!)
  • Keep a plant alive (I rescued an orchid and it’s doing well at the mo!)
  • Go paintballing
  • Build a snowman

My 30 Before 30

1. Have a baby (I used to want to have my first at 26 and my second at 30. Now I’d like 28 and 32 but I’m well aware that you can’t exactly plan this!)
2. Get a puppy (I’ve already named my Golden Retriever Max!)
3. Move into the house I plan to settle down/raise a family in (we’ll likely be moving next summer and I’d love for it to be The House)

4. Make a regular income from my writing (just a little bit from freelancing will be fine at this age)
5. Have job security (not going from one fixed term contract to another)
6. Clear all non-student loan related debts
7. Have something published in at least one of the following: Little White Lies, Glamour, Company, Cosmopolitan, The Simple Things, Vanity Fair
8. Complete my first feature-length screenplay

9. Go on holiday outside of the UK
10. Go camping (a night or two will do – I like my creature comforts!)

11. Learn to sew (I want to be able to look at something and say “I made that”
12. Grow my own food and eat it (I’ll even settle for herbs right now!)
13. Learn to surf (even if it’s to be able to ride just one wave in)
14. Learn to play the ukelele (I got one for Christmas a couple of years aog)
15. Learn basis coding

16. See Wicked (doesn’t have to be on Broadway or in the West End)
17. Watch the sun set and rise (preferably within 12 hours, on the beach, with the boyfriend)
18. Build a Bear (I’ve never had a Build A Bear and my bestie keeps saying that one day we’ll build one together for me to keep. Next time I’m in Cardiff?)
29. Build a fort and spend the day in it (with the boyfriend)
20. Go to a drive-in movie
21. Do something nice for a stranger
22. Go kayaking somewhere beautiful (plenty of places in Cornwall – around St Michael’s Mount will do)
23. Go on a boat trip and see seals, dolphins and such (would love to do the Sea Safari in Falmouth)
24. Have afternoon tea/high tea (I’ve been promised this next time I’m in Cardiff)
25. Stay in a posh hotel with a four-poster bed and French windows which open out onto a balcony with a sea view (it’s pricey but I’d love just one night)
26. See It’s A Wonderful Life on the big screen at Christmas (a bit of a long shot seeing as the boyfriend hates this film)
27. Take a photo a day and create a photobook
28. Take cheesey photos in a photobooth (you know, one of those strips you always see in rom-coms/teen movies!)
29. Go on a star gazing date (this could kill three birds with one stone and incorporate camping and the sunset/sunrise entries)
30. Drink a cocktail out of a coconut with an umbrella (I’ve had plenty of cocktails in nice glasses with umbrellas but never a coconut)

The rest of my Bucket List

31. Get married (I don’t need a big do)

32. Be entirely self-employed (more time for the family, etc)

ice skating in plymouth

33. Go ice skating in Central Park (have managed a small rink in Plymouth – see above!)
34. Visit Times Square
35. Spend at least a month travelling on the EuroRail, stopping off wherever takes my fancy (can you tell I never had a Gap Yaaahh?)
36. Go to the airport and buy the next available ticket
37. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

38. Master Adobe


39. Have a white Christmas
40. Become an aunt (not yet – he’s 23 and not remotely committed!)
41. Go skinny dipping
42. Have lunch outside in a cafe in Paris
43. Have a garden with a treehouse and tyre swing
44. Have a beach house (or stay in one for a week might be more realistic…)
45. Fly somewhere (this could be easy to tick off with a short helicopter trip)
46. See proper snow (not just the token inch or two we get in Cornwall – see above!)

I wanted to round the list off to 50 but also wanted to give myself room to keep dreaming. I might add to this one year.

What about your list? Is there anything you think I have to do which I haven’t included? And no, I haven’t missed sky diving off by accident! I can’t think of anything I want to do less.

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