Item of the day: Dreckly clock

dreckly clockAs you’re probably already aware, we’re a bit laid back down here in Cornwall. Whenever us seaside folk trek up to the big city, we’re taken a bit aback by everyone rushing around – what’s the hurry? Something need getting done? Do it dreckly! So this clock from The Dreckly Clocks is the perfect addition to any Cornish home. It’s £19.99 but £24.99 if you’d like it personalised.

“dreckly” (Urban Dictionary)
meaning: An unspecified amount of time, similar in meaning to manana, but definitely Cornish.. it means it’ll happen … dreckly …
“the boats will be back from fishing, dreckly …”
lyonesse, March 10, 2004

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2 thoughts on “Item of the day: Dreckly clock”

  1. Hi , sorry its is silly one! I love these clocks but can’t seem to find anyone who does the personilsed version, like you said here. We’re at the Royal Cornwall Show this year and I’d love to get my hands on one. Where do you suggest? Thanks

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