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Nine years ago today

Nine years ago today I started blogging. Nine! And in that time I’ve had an online diary, a film blog, a teaching blog and now this one. Before I say a little thank you to the people who helped me get here, here’s a little timeline…

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5 June 2005 – I started a LiveJournal account. That’s right, LiveJournal! My coolness knows no bounds. Some friends (Jessie, Sian, Andrew) had some online diaries over there and I thought I’d set one up so that I’d have somewhere to share film reviews. Enter Film Geek!

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24 March 2009 – Final Cut was born! During my Foundation Degree in Newspaper and Magazine Journalism, we had a module on Online Journalism (go figure!). The assignment for this was to maintain a blog for a month. I took the opportunity to launch a fully-dedicated film blog on Blogger and kept it going consistently for two and half years. Then I started my PGCE and it got harder to find the time to do anything other than teach and study. It slowly died out over the next year but in the meantime…

18 May 2011 – By this point I had been writing for several websites and magazines pretty regularly and wanted to have an accessible digital portfolio. I set up a tumblr account to keep everything in one place.

1 October 2011 – It didn’t take long to realise that there weren’t very many Media Studies teachers blogging and sharing resources. There were plenty in other departments but I thought it would be a great idea to have a place just for media-related courses. I set up Media Mayhem but deleted it before the end of the course. I wanted some instant gratification for it but didn’t have the time or energy to do it properly, so I just gave up.

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22 July 2012 – I wanted to set up a blog that had everything in one place – something that catered to all of my interests, not just film, and also allowed me to share my portfolio pieces. So I launched A Few of My Favourite Things! It has developed a little bit in the (almost) two years it has been running and I’ve plans to take it further, which I’ll share on my blogging anniversary, so stay tuned!

October 2012 – 1,000 views

December 2013 – 10,000 views

February 2013 – 1,000 unique visitors

3 November 2013 – my post with the most comments to date

And now for my Oscars-style thank yous…

My dad – for reading to me from a young age and feeding my appetite for words and knowledge. I had a much higher reading and writing age than my peers and always had a book to hand.

Angie Butler – for recognising the passion for writing in an 11-year-old who she taught for just a couple of hours a week. I often finished my classwork ahead of others (geek for life!) and rather than giving me something boring to do, she let me write anything that I wanted. I lost the creativity of short story writing that I had when I was young but have wanted to be some kind of writer from the age of nine.

The Mad Hatter and Univarn – the guys who welcomed me to the film blogging world with open arms, encouraging me every step of the way. I was overwhelmed by the idea of someone other than my ‘real-life’ friends reading my reviews and people commenting on what I had to say from all over the world.

The LAMB – the Large Association of Movie Blogs was the first blogging community that I ever belonged to. The supportive and collaborative nature was genuinely an inspiration.

Empire Magazine – for making me realise that people can actually make a living writing about film! That was my dream job from the age of 15-21. Of course, that dream has altered somewhat since.

Domestic Sluttery – for providing this reader with the inspiration to right about something other than films for a change!

#lbloggers – all of you rock, seriously!

All of you – for reading! I wouldn’t be doing this without you.

4 thoughts on “Nine years ago today”

  1. Wow! Nine years is very impressive! I started a Live Journal back in 2004 but only lasted 3 months before giving up, it then took another 9 years before I actually took up writing online again so I’m well impressed! :-) x

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