Exploring Cornwall: Paradise Park and Duckie’s Vintage Tearoom in Hayle

Hello four days of freedom! The weather app reckons it’s gonna be four days of rain but I won’t let that kill my buzz. Especially as it started out so well.

We started out with a lie-in and lazy morning while we waited to see what the weather decided to do. It kept holding out so after lunch we decided to head down the road to Paradise Park. The boyfriend wants to build his photography portfolio and I wanted to see me some penguins! I’m sure you already know by now that I am terrified of birds, so going to a wildlife sanctuary might not sound like the best idea. But I’d been a few times before and love watching penguin feeding time – and heading to the petting farm and feeding the goats. Simple pleasures!

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

Until 2 September they’re also running a Dinosaur Quiz Trail! We didn’t partake in the quizziness but there was oodles of fun to be had photographing the displays which were hidden all over the park.

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

But back to the main attractions! We followed the recommended route around the park, making sure not to miss anything. There were a couple of issues with photography as the birds are behind glass (reflections are a bitch) or wire fence, which can be hard to photograph through. I’ve included some of my favourite snaps.

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

If you’re ever in the area and are taking little ‘uns with you, there’s an awesome indoor play barn as well as an outdoor park – plenty of things to keep them amused for the day. There’s also a cafe, gift shop and a little train which goes around the entire park.

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

Several of the enclosures were empty, which surprised me as I had never seen an empty cage before. The red pandas soon distracted me though. They’re one of my favourite parts. They seemed a bit sleepy though so we planned to circle back at the end.

When we had moved around the corner and reached the animal farm I might have squealed a little bit. I love the goats! Especially the baby ones and they were out in force!



The baby pygmy goats were worth the £13.99 entry alone – I was so happy! And you can buy little bags of sheep and goat food for 50p so you can get up close and personal with the little critters. I felt bad for the sheep though as I ran out before I reached them, as I’m sure many people do.

We had to put goat cuddles on hold when they announced that it was almost penguin feeding time. They only pick child volunteers to help (so ageist!) but it’s still fun to watch. And you can have your picture taken at the end for a donation to the park. I had my picture taken there a few years ago (during the Easter holidays of my first year at uni – I wasn’t a kid or anything!) so once their bellies were full we headed back to the farm.

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

Back on the farm the big ol’ mama pig was feeding her young, so they weren’t exactly up for modelling. The boyfriend got some snaps while I was distracted by the goats earlier. Bothered. Goats are way cooler!

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

The flamingos tend to freak me out a bit as they’re not behind glass or a huge fence – just a teeny flower bed and some wood panelling. I quickly snapped away and moved on!

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

Surprisingly enough, I came across a bird that I actually liked! He kept saying hello and wolf whistling and spinning around on his perch. He liked the company so much that he stayed really close to the fence, so I couldn’t get a great photo. But here he is anyway!


Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

By the end of the afternoon the pandas were a teeny bit more sociable and I just managed to catch one of their super-adorable lil faces! N’aww!

Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall

The cafe had closed by the time we had finished walking around. All of the excitement had made us hungry so we headed back in to Hayle and called in to Duckie’s Vintage Tearoom for tea and brownies. Yum!

Duckie's Vintage Tearoom, Hayle

It’s one of my most favourite places in Hayle. When I first became an uber-film geek, I was properly obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Audrey Hepburn (still love Audrey), so I’m particularly taken by the prints. Plus it’s just so beautifully decorated. It’s how I’d love my dream kitchen – open plan, everything on display, mismatched tableware, cook books and cake tins everywhere. Swoon!

Duckie's Vintage Tearoom, Hayle

2 thoughts on “Exploring Cornwall: Paradise Park and Duckie’s Vintage Tearoom in Hayle”

  1. With a name like ‘Duckie’s Vintage Tearoom’, that’s definitely going on my list of places to visit next time I’m in Cornwall! :-) x

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