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Friday Favourites #55

This summer is flying by - can you believe Jenson starts pre-school in less than two weeks? And my oldest nephew is starting big school. These last few days really are to be savoured. Here's a look at what we've been up to in the last week. Date night Luke and I went out for… Continue reading Friday Favourites #55

summer bucket list 2018
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My 2018 summer bucket list

I feel a bit iffy about writing these posts as it can feel like I'm setting myself up for failure. I only ticked off three of last year's items, so a fair few have been carried over to this year. If you read my latest bullet journal post, you will already have a sneak peek… Continue reading My 2018 summer bucket list

jenson at paradise park
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Friday Favourites #40

I have a lot of mum guilt and often worry that I'm not doing enough fun stuff with Jenson. The kid is easy to please and loves an hour at the park but sometimes I wish we had a car or more money for bigger adventures. Fortunately we had a couple of awesome days last… Continue reading Friday Favourites #40

my march 2017 in photos
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My life in photos: March 2017

Spring is finally here! There have been the obligatory photos of daffodils and blossoms and a sense of being outdoors more, which is always awesome. This is when summer starts to arrive in Cornwall - I've been known to spend a day on the beach in February because as soon as the sun appears we… Continue reading My life in photos: March 2017

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Friday Favourites #21

Woah, I'm writing this while there are still mere minutes left of Friday. I'm not usually awake at this hour to be honest but the boy slept in until 8.30am today! But a migraine last night coupled with a toddler who refuses to nap means that I've gone from being a few days ahead of… Continue reading Friday Favourites #21

my life in photos - october 2016
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My life in photos: October 2016

We're well into autumn now and winter is most definitely coming. Time for hot chocolate, leafy walks and more family fun. Here's a little look at what we got up to last month. 1. What blogger/Instagrammer doesn't love a good winter shoes/autumn leaves combo photo? 2. I won a Zebra pens competition! A girl can… Continue reading My life in photos: October 2016

luke and jenson with penguins
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Sunday Snapshot #57

Earlier this week we took Jenson back to Paradise Park - partly because he's big enough to appreciate the animals now, partly to try out the soft play (which we didn't do in the end because he was tired and teething) but mainly because I love feeding the goats! Jenson wasn't even that into them… Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #57

homemade cornish pasty

A round-up of Cornish favourites

I'm using this post as a referencing point for anyone looking for my Cornwall posts. I'll be adding to it as we visit new places. Got some tips? Leave a comment. This summer I want to get out and about a lot more in Cornwall. It was difficult last year with a newborn and this… Continue reading A round-up of Cornish favourites

follow friday
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Follow Friday #25

After missing last week's Follow Friday because I was (shock horror) actually out being sociable (I know, right!), and checking into the #lbloggers chat on Sunday for the first time in months, this week's Follow Friday has shit loads of awesome content for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! Books Why I let Jodi Picoult destroy my… Continue reading Follow Friday #25

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Five happy things #1

I regularly see posts from some of my favourite bloggers sharing things that have made them happy during the week and this week has been so incredible that I've been felt inclined to share my own little list. They say that after having a baby it can take a while before you start to feel… Continue reading Five happy things #1