Thoughts on Bloglovin

So a few weeks ago I finally caved and set up a Bloglovin account. Initially I didn’t really understand what it was – I just thought it was weird that people on the #lbloggers chat kept asking people to follow them on Bloglovin and saying how many followers they have. I thought it was a completely different platform, like WordPress or Blogger, but it turns out that it’s just a reader. And a handy one it is too, for the most part. Previously I had been following my WordPress favourites, adding bloggers to a ‘blogging’ list on Twitter and subscribing to new posts via email. This allowed me to keep everything in one place and the app meant I could keep up on the go – double win! The only issue is the difficulty with commenting via the app, meaning I have to ‘like’ posts and remember to look back at them when I’m at home and then comment. But then this is also handy for noting posts for ‘highlights of the weeks’ entries.


Anyhoo, when I first set up the account I browsed the various categories to find new blogs to follow. Here’s my pick of the bunch:
being little
Chocolate-Covered Katie
Heart Handmade uk
Paper and Stitch
Water Painted Dreams
White Bazaar
Wonder Forest

And here are some individual posts which I liked:
Does it matter what anyone thinks of you on the internet? – BritishBeautyBlogger
My customized Ikea Alex – Fleur de Force
Blogger perfection – milkbubbletea
Life lately, through my iPhone – milkbubbletea

What blogs have you discovered lately?

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