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Saturday Share #53

I actually found time for a Twitter chat this week (the perfect place to find new blogs!), so as well as the usual favourite posts of the week, I've got some new favourite blogs to share with you too! Travel Chrissie has shared some of Manchester's epic street art I've got family in Derbyshire and… Continue reading Saturday Share #53

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Follow Friday #36

Here's a wee bit of bedtime reading for y'all. Blogging Becky has reviewed the new blogger's must-have camera, the Olympus Pen E PL7. Baby Sweden have definitely got it right in terms of shared parental leave. Let's see more of this over here please! Helen has perfectly captured how I feel about returning to work… Continue reading Follow Friday #36


Thoughts on Bloglovin

So a few weeks ago I finally caved and set up a Bloglovin account. Initially I didn't really understand what it was - I just thought it was weird that people on the #lbloggers chat kept asking people to follow them on Bloglovin and saying how many followers they have. I thought it was a… Continue reading Thoughts on Bloglovin