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Why you should subscribe to Blogosphere Magazine

I can’t believe the fourth issue of Blogosphere has just been released and I’ve not told you about the awesome first three!

blogosphere magazine, issues 1-3

I saw a tweet about an interesting new magazine by, for and about bloggers. It sounded too good to be true! Issues are £4 each plus P&P but by the time I had heard about it, the first three issues were available for a special bundle price of £13.25 (this offer is still available – get it here). You can imagine my delight when reading it cover to cover (literally – I read every word) on the bus. And this is no tatty magazine! It has a glossy cover with the kind of paper inside that I love – a nice, non-glossy stock and printed in full colour. No expense has been spared here. And it’s clearly a magazine that is going to continue to sell well. Us bloggers are taking over the world!

As for the content, there’s something for everyone. It’s divided into 12 sections:
1. food
2. fashion
3. interview (with its blogging cover star)
4. lifestyle
5. feature/s
6. beauty
7. travel
8. photography
9. recipes
10. agony aunt
11. listings
12. best things

All of the major blogging topics (with the exception of parenting, crafting and entertainment, although they sometimes get a mention in the lifestyle section) are covered, with an editor for each area. Said editor is a blogger his/herself and features five of their favourite blogs in each issue. And these guys know their stuff, with their own monthly views ranging from 10,000-50,000+! It’s definitely worth paying attention to what they have to say. Each blog is profiled via an overview and an example post, complete with pictures, so it’s a great taster if you’re looking to expand your blogroll.

blogosphere magazine

And the features are great too, with the first three issues covering topics such as blogging platforms, media law and social media, as well as interviews with top bloggers including Liberty London Girl and Fleur De Force. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Here’a a selection of some of my new favourite blogs:
Cider With Rosie
The Wonder Forest
The Food I Eat
Lisette Loves
frugal feeding
From Gem With Love

I’ve just ordered my copy of issue 4 and can’t wait to discover some new blogs.

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