Tried and tested: Keratosis Pilaris (“chicken skin”) treatments

When I first read Cosmo’s article ‘What the eff are these red bumps on my arm?‘, I couldn’t believe how common Keratosis Pilaris (“chicken skin”) is. Nearly 40% of the population suffers from it and, while it’s not curable, you can reduce the appearance of these soul-destroying red bumps. For reals.

tried and tested chicken skin treatments

I really dislike my upper arms. Not just the bingo wings but those bloody red spots. It’s really surprising how much something that, actually, not a lot of people notice (apart from a school ‘friend’ who asked me what they were one day during PE!!!) can really destroy your confidence. So, at the peak of summer, I decided to give the recommended body scrub (Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Body Resurface & Refine Ultra Polish) and moisturiser (Ameliorate Body Lotion)* a go. And they genuinely made a difference. The photo below shows my skin before, one week later, two weeks later and four weeks later (I skipped the three week photo because I got massively sunburned. Oops!).

tried and tested chicken skin treatments

kp week 1


kp week 1

kp week 3

kp week 4

I applied both products on my upper thighs too (the scrub on alternate mornings and the moisturiser morning and night daily), as people who have KP often have outbreaks on both their arms and legs. In terms of impact, you can see that the combination of the two products reduced the colour.

When using the scrub, I did find that it irritated my skin at times, but the redness faded through the day. The moisturiser also made my skin noticeably softer, it a little greasy before heading into bed. All in all, I’d definitely recommend them. The moisturiser alone is nearly £30 (before delivery) but it’s a small price to pay to restore your confidence. They’re also releasing a complementary shower scrub soon, which I’ll be eager to try.

*kindly donated for reviewing purposes

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