The #lbloggers chat: Full-time blogging vs hobby blogging with @TinkerbellJayne

Last week’s chat was hosted by Tink Jayne, who was shortlisted for Best Lifestyle Blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards this year. So a great chat was guaranteed!

#lbloggers chat#lbloggers chat#lbloggers chat

I loved reading people’s origin stories. For many, it’s a way to keep writing and reach an audience. For others it’s a way to help with their social anxieties. For some it’s an online portfolio. Everyone has a story.

I originally started blogging as a way to share my film reviews. This lapsed a bit when I started uni – until we had to start a blog for an assignment. I soon discovered that loads of other people were film bloggers and became part of a pretty fantastic network (The LAMB). Then that blog lapsed a few years later when I started my PGCE (studying really takes it out of you!). I needed an excuse to keep blogging, so I launched one to share tips and resources for Media Studies teachers. Of course, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I didn’t actually fall into a teaching job. So, as an excuse to keep writing, I launched this lifestyle blog!

#lbloggers chat#lbloggers chat#lbloggers chat

Blogging is my excuse to write about what I want, when I want. It’s not currently part of my day job but it’s great to be part of this whole other world. Since blogging more regularly, I take photos of everything I do (the boyfriend hates having to wait to eat when we go out!). It has also allowed me to develop some great online friendships. Oh, and it has massively affected my bank balance! There are so many pretty things!!!

#bloggers chatHells yeah. Who wouldn’t want to do this full-time? Some worry that it will take the fun out of it but as long as you remain true to your own style and what you want to write about, surely it’s all good!

#bloggers chatI would definitely feel more pressure to post ‘to deadline’ and I’d be a bit concerned that content would suffer as a result, but I’d learn to manage my time better.

#lbloggers chat#bloggers chat

Same! When you see the same bloggers writing about the same brand’s same new range in the space of a couple of days, you know there’s something going on, even if they’ve not declared it.

#bloggers chat#bloggers chat#bloggers chat#bloggers chat#bloggers chatI totally want a book deal and magazine column, like Will from Bright Bazaar. YouTube isn’t my thing, as I hate being on camera. You might have noticed that I rarely post photos of myself here… The boyfriend does want to do a his and hers gaming channel though…

#lbloggers chat

And with that, here are this week’s new blog discoveries:
Tink Jayne
Hello Miss Jordan
Miel Cafe
Brown Paper Roses

2 thoughts on “The #lbloggers chat: Full-time blogging vs hobby blogging with @TinkerbellJayne”

    1. Thanks :) Theyr’e every Sunday at 7pm. I try and check in most weeks. They tend to post the topic earlier in the day – some weeks it’s a bit hit and miss. I hosted a couple of weeks ago. Just catching up on posting at the mo :)

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