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Thoughts on Game of Thrones Seasons 1-4 (spoiler alert!)

I finally caught up with the rest of the world and have seen seasons 1-4 of Game of Thones. Oh. My. God. How effing awesome is it?! I found the first few episodes a bit slow but it didn’t take too long for me to get emotionally invested. There have been some moments where I’ve been a bit skeptical, such as in the more ‘fantastical’ moments. I’m all for dragons but the first appearance of the White Walkers had me groaning a bit. Personally I’m more into the characters than the fantasy elements. With that, here are some of my favourite elements of Game of Thrones.

Fave characters
I loved Arya from the beginning. She’s such a bad ass and it’s great to see strong female characters in a situation where it doesn’t feel like they’re thrown in as a token gesture. The relationship between her and The Hound was pretty captivating too.

game of thrones arya
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Speaking of strong women, I really love Brienne of Tarth and Ygritte was such a grower. I really came to love her.

Tyrion is another favourite. Peter Dinklage is such a frigging legend; I’ve loved him since The Station Agent. He’s also bloody hilarious and I love the banter between him and Bronn. Did you know he’s him matey from Robson and Jerome. I recently discovered that. Mind. Blown.

game of thrones tyrion
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In Season 4 I also found that I really liked Jamie Lannister and it was such an odd feeling. I mean, he started out the series shagging his sister and now I’m rooting for him? What the fuck?!

game of thrones brienne of tarth jamie lannister
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Characters I love to hate
Man, Cersei is such an uber bitch! So much so that I’m finding her genuinely fascinating. I love that she has always put her kids first and seems so strong yet always bows down to her father. I wonder what will happen now that he’s no longer…

Joffrey was such a little shit! He genuinely infuriated me but then that’s the plan, right? I was relieved to see him killed off but he had hung in so long that I started to think he was invincible.

game of thrones joffrey
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Before I even started watching the show I knew about The Red Wedding. Well, I knew about it in the sense that I knew it was something everyone was talking about. Leading up to it I was so sure it had something to with Joffrey and was so shocked with the way it played out. It was such an epic bloodshed! And by then I had grown to like Rob’s Mrs. Although I wasn’t bothered so much by his death.

game of thrones red wedding
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Jamie’s ‘amputation’ was another shocker and by that point he had just about entered my top five characters list. His dynamic with Brienne was great and I was really rooting for the pair of them.

By the time Jorrrey was killed off I was becoming immune to the violent deaths and wasn’t too bothered but Oberyn’s actually had me cringing and squealing. I’m not very good with eyes. I was practically yelling “just finish him!” at the screen. He was so close! Tywin’s death was fucking hilarious though!

game of thrones oberyn
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The biggest shocker? Shae’s evil villain reveal. I felt so betrayed! She was one of my favourite and I loved her relationship with Tyrion. He was her lion! It still makes me sad/angry thinking about it now.

Hopes for Season 5
The predicted relationship between Margaery and The Kid is kinda inevitable but super creepy! As is that between Littlefinger and Sansa. *shudder* I’m also sensing something between Jamie and Brienne and I imagine Cersei will have something to say about that! I also wonder how long Arya will fare on her own and if the dragons will finally make themselves known to the wider world. As Tyrion is my ultimate favourite character (I’d happily watch him in a spin-off show!) I’m intrigued to see how his adventures with Lord Varys will pan out. Lastly, I want to know what will become of some of the more minor characters who I have come to love, such as Sam, Davos, Pod, Osha and, of course, Hodor. Bring on season 5!

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