Why I’ve been MIA from the Blogosphere lately

I’m having a baby! Now, you wouldn’t think this would take me away from blogging, especially when I’m still pregnant, but oh my god morning sickness is a bitch! And I’ve been having the worst of it at night, so by the time I’ve gotten home from work and tried to eat some tea, I’m ready to throw my guts up and go to bed! So, needless to say, there hasn’t been much time or energy for blogging. But I’m back, baby!

pregnancy test

I’m now 13 weeks pregnant and the sickness is starting to ease up. I’m actually back-dating this, writing on a Sunday, where I’ve got some day time hours to myself and the time to write, so hopefully normal service will resume soon. I’ve got so much to catch up on – I’ll be reading whatever posts are still available on Bloglovin. I’ve also made a note of all the posts I wanted to write over the last two or three months but rather than backdating those, I might do some summary/compilation posts over the next couple of weeks. Up first, though, is my birthday holiday next week. Myself and the boyfriend are off to Bristol for a few days and we’ll be hitting up the Christmas markets there, as well as in Bath and Cardiff. The Bath festivities actually start on my birthday, so that’ll be a nice day out. And we’re planning on having afternoon tea at the Jane Austen Centre. Can’t wait!

12 and 13 weeks pregnant

Pre-pregnancy, as a lifestyle blog reader (as well as a writer) it was weird to see how quickly lifestyle bloggers became mummy bloggers when they got pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, having a baby has a massive effect on your lifestyle and of course you’re going to want to write about it, as I will. But that won’t be my whole life (I hope!). I’ll still be the geeky Cornish lifestyle blogger you’ve come to know and love and I’ve decided to dedicate just one post a week to the pregnancy (at each week’s milestone) and then each week (hopefully!) when the baby comes.

dating scan

We’ve already had the first scan and first midwife appointment so I’ll be sharing those milestones with you over the coming weeks. Are you about to have your first baby? I hope you’ll comment and share your stories too.

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