2017 summer bucket list
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Summer bucket list 2017

Now that another half-term is behind us and summer is inching ever closer, I've got to thinking about things I want to do this summer in Cornwall - in particular fun and affordable things we can do as a family. Here's what I've come up with. 1. Visit the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Taking Jenson anywhere… Continue reading Summer bucket list 2017

memories from jenson's second year
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Memories from Jenson’s second year

When I was pregnant I bought a 'one line a day' journal to record Jenson's first five years and I'm sharing some highlights on/near each birthday. You can catch up on his first year here. Below are some faves from his second year. 30 May 2016: Your first birthday was the perfect day - gorgeous… Continue reading Memories from Jenson’s second year

jenson swimming
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Self-Care Sunday #16

One of my highlights of the week is taking Jenson to his swimming lesson. Of course, it helps when we have time to stop for coffee and cake with our friends after, but I actually really love just being in the water with him. He's so happy and fearless, it's great to see, and it's… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #16

Abrams + Chronicle post
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Birthday celebrations, summer footwear and awesome post #LittleLoves

I've had a hectic week off work as we've been celebrating Jenson's second birthday! I'm now officially the mother of a two year old. May the tantrums begin (continue...). But Jenson hasn't been the only one to receive some epic stuff over the last few days. Here's a look at our week. Read: As I've… Continue reading Birthday celebrations, summer footwear and awesome post #LittleLoves

jenson's second birthday
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Jenson: Two years old

Jenson turned two yesterday. Two! And he was an absolute angel. I don't know if I'm over-romanticizing it because I know that so many little kid things he does could be the last but I'm savouring the small things even more these days, like his bedtime bottles (yes, even though he's two!) and wanting to… Continue reading Jenson: Two years old

star wars sign from totally funky
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The ultimate Father’s Day gift

Find it hard to shop for your dad/grandad/partner for Father's Day? I've found the ultimate gift from Totally Funky*. I challenge you to find a single bloke who isn't into Star Wars, or at least appreciates the "I'm your father" line. It's particularly apt in our house - my partner is called Luke and he… Continue reading The ultimate Father’s Day gift

the elephant of frimley blog tour
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Book review: The Elephant of Frimley by Nicholas Rawls

The Elephant of Frimley* by Nicholas Rawls is a love story - between two sisters and the elephant they discover in their back garden and also between a father and the daughters he wrote this story for. Rawls' story, illustrated by Louise Jewell, started as a bedtime story for his children and I love that… Continue reading Book review: The Elephant of Frimley by Nicholas Rawls

Jenson sleeping two years old
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Self-Care Sunday #14

This is a face I've seen a lot of this week. I know I've mentioned sleep in my self-care tips before but in a week where I've been busy at work and had a not particularly well child on my hands while I've been at home, sleep has been key. I've left the dishes til… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #14

just friends and the sun is also a star
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The Sun Is Also A Star, family time and Cornish weather #LittleLoves

I almost skipped Little Loves this week because when I came to draft the post I thought it wasn't very exciting. Then I remembered that blogging isn't just about the good times; life can be mundane at times and we shouldn't feel the need to hide it or embellish. So here's my rather average week!… Continue reading The Sun Is Also A Star, family time and Cornish weather #LittleLoves

Jenson 23 months old
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Jenson: 23 months

Holy crap, when I come to write Jenson's next update he'll be two years old! We've got a lot of birthday planning to do before then. The biggest decision is deciding on a party theme: Moana or Dory. For the last few weeks Moana was his favourite film and it always gets him singing and… Continue reading Jenson: 23 months