Christmas 2014

After all that, Christmas is over for another year!

christmas tree 2014

I ended up having lots of mini Christmases and the day itself was quite chilled out. Because my mum has gone away for the week, I had a day with her last week, which meant early presents! Woooo! I didn’t want to risk asking for clothes that wouldn’t fit for months so I’ve got oodles of books, including the Game of Thrones collection, plus a nice, warm bump-skimming cardigan, a bleddy cool statue of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, a cute Wizard of Oz collector’s set and loads more.

christmas 2014 day 1

My nephew was proof that you don’t need to spend loads on kids to entertain them. He was quite happy sitting amongst all my wrapping paper – lesson learned for when our little one comes along next year!

The boyfriend’s mum’s birthday was last Saturday so it was the perfect opportunity to get together with his side of the family before his sister and brother and law headed up north for the holidays. Queue more presents and an epic dinner – and adorable gifts for the baby. Look at this picture frame! Plus the boyfriend’s gran got us a pack of nappies – always handy!

christmas 2014 day 2

Don’t worry, it’s not like I had nothing left to open on Christmas morning – even though I had my epic camera from the boyfriend months ago there was still plenty of other family and friend gifts to open Christmas morning before we got the food on the go. We prepped most of the veggies the night before so there wasn’t much to do on my part on the day. The lovely boyfriend cooked for the third year in a row though. No doubt he’ll make it four times next year as we plan on having a quiet one at home for our first as parents.

christmas 2014 day 3

Take a close look and you’ll see some cute little baby booties there from the boyfriend’s grandparents with the cutest of gift tags. Awwww! Can’t wait!

christmas present from great grandparents

The boyfriend is very lucky as he still has four living grandparents (compared to my one remaining AWESOME one). The little ‘un is going to have so many great people around.

And we still had one remaining round of presents swapping in the evening. We had my brother and nephew (plus the boyfriend’s parentals) around for dinner and my baby bruv insisted on presents after food, so I had to wait for these beauties. His girlfriend had fun in the bath with her bump so I’ve got some yummy Lush goodies to help me relax and bond with the baby over the next few months, plus there were a couple of toys thrown in there for him/her for good measure.

christmas 2014 day 3 part 2

It was a really lovely day and gave me something of a glimpse into the future. The boyfriend’s parents brought their gorgeous chocolate lab round for the day too and it was adorable not only seeing him interact with a baby for the first time but also seeing Logan react to another dog so confidently. He practically lives with my parents’ red setter, who is hands down the most gentle creature on the planet, and he kept reaching out to Charley and laughing. Adorable! And he was so good with the boyfriend’s parents, who were complete strangers to him. It was my first time seeing them with a baby and I know they’re going to be great grandparents!

Hope you all had a lovely day and enjoy your final days of freedom before heading back to week. I’ve still got over a week left. Sorry not sorry!

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