Bump Watch: Week 18 – cravings

Woooo, 18 weeks pregnant and I’m actually starting to feel good.

18 weeks pregnant

Although I feel like I’m stuffing my face all the time, I’m eating reasonably small portions so I’m not piling on the pounds too much. In fact, I’m no heavier than I was when morning sickness started (I lost a fair bit in the beginning), so I’m more than happy to satisfy my cravings.

pregnancy cravings

From the start I’ve been particularly into meaty meals. In the mornings when I felt particularly rough I had a mini fry up when I got to work. Although the foods which have helped/I have craved have changed on a fortnightly cycle (Frosties, pink grapefruit juice), they seem to have settled lately into the following: orange juice first thing in the morning followed by Vimto or 7-Up (straight from the fridge) throughout the day and any kind of lemon dessert (tart, yoghurt, pavlova, meringue). Through the Christmas period I’ve been knocking back the glitter berries (I’m surprised there isn’t glitter in my urine) and a couple of weeks ago I discovered these incredible crisps – it’s such a shame they only come in large packets! And although I’m still not fancying a cup of decaf tea or coffee, I’m quite partial to the odd cup of hot chocolate! I’m just grateful the baby doesn’t want me to consume anything weird!

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