My first Lush experience

Last night, at the ripe old age of 27, I had my very first Lush bath experience. I had been gifted some goodies for Christmas from the baby bruv’s girlfriend as she and the bump had enjoyed baths together. Plus it would give me the excuse to relax. I was in!

Lush goodies for Christmas

Lush goodies for Christmas

I got Butterbear, Pop in the Bath and Granny Takes a Dip – all beautiful (the bear is clearly the cutest) and they smell amazing. For my first time, I went with Pop in the Bath – I liked the simple name!

Lush bath goodies - Butterbear

Lush bath goodies - Pop in the Bath

Lush bath goodies - Granny Takes a Dip

Lush bath goodies - Pop in the Bath

I made a bit of a rookie mistake and didn’t check that the water was actually hot before I crumbled it under the hot tap as instructed, so I had to give it a bit of a hand dissolving. I don’t often have a bath as I’m more of a dip in and out of the shower kinda gal but I could get used to this. There were oodles of bubbles – it’s rude to get out before they all go away but you’ve got to weigh that up with the desire not to turn into a prune… Next time I might channel my inner Chandler and add some candles and Enya!

4 thoughts on “My first Lush experience”

  1. My gut reaction was to say “How could not have gone in Lush before!!!!” Then I remembered it took me until I was in my mid 20’s to venture into the highly perfumed emporium where everything had cool names that told you nothing about the purpose of the product. Granny Takes A Trip is the play on that psychedelic shop in 60’s London incase you where wondering!? I love the comic book wrap instead of a bag – awesome! Do you know what you will use it for?

    1. I had been in the Truro store a couple of times before with friends when they were shopping but I normally find the smell too overbearing – even when just walking past! I haven’t untied the wrap yet but will likely accessorise it as a scarf with a plain outfit :)

      1. Great idea, I might do the same :0) The Bloke has a really strong sense of smell and went in once to hand my wish list to an assistant. He was meant to pick a few lovely things from it but ended up being handed a basket full, heehee!

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