Bump Watch: Week 20 – pregnancy yoga

I’ve reached the halfway mark and am starting to feel rather on the large side – at least I’m looking pregnant rather than a bit on the squidgy side now! I’m also a bit paranoid that I’m starting to waddle – always a good look, especially when you already plod rather than walk, like I do!

20 weeks pregnant

Over the last week, the little un’s movements have become a lot more regular (several times a day) but still not big enough for the boyfriend to feel, so that’ll be exciting when it finally happens. My blood pressure has also been on the low side at my checkups and I had a rather horrible dizzy spell for a few hours at work yesterday. I managed to be seen by someone to put my mind at ease and it turns out that I need to be drinking more. I’m making a conscious effort to have a pint of water every hour or two so hopefully I won’t have to worry about that happening again.

The most exciting thing this week has been attending my first pregnancy yoga session – actually my first yoga session ever! The midwife recommended it at my first appointment because it could help to build my confidence for labour. I was a bit skeptical at first but, if nothing else, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time with other pregnant mums in the local area and find out more about what to expect. Hearing their stories is fascinating – one mum-to-be’s first baby weighed ten pounds and arrived in five hours!

yoga with leif olsen

Fortunately for me, being not particularly energetic or limber, the classes aren’t too intense. They’re an hour and a half, which allows time for a meet and greet in the beginning, breathing exercises, positions and relaxation. In the beginning I felt a bit dismissive of imagining my contractions and breathing in and feeling strong but I think that over the next few weeks these kind of techniques could prove quite helpful – the positions even more so. Apparently the most important thing is being able to relax and I definitely don’t mind learning to master that over the next 20 weeks! We were also told to sit in front of our partners and ask for shoulder rubs when needed. The boyfriend said I can ask… Plus the lovely Leif, who runs the sessions, also does baby sessions, so if I get particularly into it, that could be a fun morning away from the home when the little one comes along.

I’m already super-excited for next week’s post as we’re finding out the sex on Tuesday! Place your bets now – although there won’t be a prize. Just the pleasure of being right. And isn’t that the best thing of all?

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