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Favourite nursery range: Olive & Henri from Toys R Us

The issue with kitting out the nursery now is that it seems like the money could be better spent elsewhere, seeing as he won’t be sleeping in there until he’s six months old. On the other hand, I want the room sorted out beforehand so that his clothes and toys, etc, can be stored away tidily. Plus, if I only buy a few bits now, chances are the rest will sell out before he’s ready to move in there and I’ll have an incomplete set. What’s a girl to do?

So far, in terms of nursery decoration, we’ve bought a woodland creature wall sticker set from Argos, so the rest will have to match in some way. Enter Olive & Henri – perfect! Plus it will also work for either gender should we decide to have more children further down the line. But I’ve been browsing and, knowing me, if I get some, I’ll have to get it all! Taking the nursery on its own though, so ignoring the adorable clothes and other accessories (more on those in a bit), here are my must-have items:

olive and henri cotbed bedding set from toys r us
Cotbed bedding set, £59.99

olive and henri curtains and huggers from toys r us
Curtains and huggers, £29.96

olive and henri mobile from toys r us
Mobile, £14.99

olive and henri uplighter from toys r us
Uplighter, £9.96

olive and henri room thermometer from toys r us
Room thermometer, 96p

olive and henri receiving blanket from toys r us
Receiving blanket, £10.99

olive and henri height chart from toys r us
Height chart, £7.96

I think it’s totally normal to want everything in the nursery to match (right?), so as the following items don’t ‘belong’ in the nursery, they’re ‘non-essential’. But look how cute!

olive and henri changing mat from toys r us
Changing mat, £9.99

olive and henri muslin squares from toys r us
Muslin squares, £9.99

olive and henri burp cloths from toys r us
Burp cloths. £6.99

And, of course, there is no need for his clothes to match his nursery gear, but if there was…

olive and henri sleepsuit and toy from toys r us
Sleepsuit and toy, £7.99

olive and henri snowsuit from toys r us
Snowsuit, £16.99

olive and henri romper suit from toys r us
Romper suit, £7.99

olive and henri five piece set from toys r us
Five-piece set, £14.99

Ahh, so much lovely!

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