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New favourite stationery range: Geek Kitty from Paperchase

Paperchase is one of those stores/websites I can’t live without. I’m forever buying new stationery that I don’t need, with piles of unused/half finished notebooks and boxes full of pens and post-its, and I’m not even sorry. It’s about wanting, not needing. Besides, you don’t want to be stuck without a pen when you need it! Every so often they release a new range where I need to have everything, like with the Geek Kitty range I’m currently lusting over. Here are some of my favourite pieces:

geek kitty ring binder from paperchase
Ringbinder. £3.00

geek kitty glitter scrapbook from paperchase
Glitter scrapbook, £10.00

geek kitty sticky notes from paperchase
Sticky notes, £3.50

geek kitty ideas notebook from paperchase
Ideas notebook, £7.00

geek kitty mini clipboard
Mini clipboard, £4.00

geek kitty scented pens from paperchase
Scented pens, £3.75

geek kitty mini writing set from paperchase
Mini writing set, £5.00

geek kitty magnetic writing pad from paperchase
Magnetic writing pad, £5.00

geek kitty a4 padfolio from paperchase
A4 padfolio, £7.00

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