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Bump Watch: Week 30 – One Born Every Minute

I never understood why pregnant women watch One Born Every Minute. Do you really want to spend the rest of your pregnancy panicking about the inevitable?! But as I get closer towards D Day (ten weeks and counting – maybe. You never really know…) I’m more aware that I don’t really know what to expect. Sure, I’ve heard stories from people who have had babies, I’ve been to the antenatal classes and soon I’ll be writing my birth plan (ha!) with the midwife, but I’ve never seen anything firsthand. So I figured one episode would at least give me a rough idea of what to expect.

30 weeks pregnant

I made the boyfriend sit and watch it with me (no-one likes watching scary movies alone and this is totally the same thing!) and a few minutes in I was already screaming “why am I watching this?!” It’s one thing to watch it before you get pregnant and have it make you want to glue your legs shut but it’s something else entirely when there’s no turning back! By the end of the episode I kinda felt like the women had almost sailed through their labours. There were no screams and the epidurals made it look easy. The gush as the baby came out was cringey but nothing too bad. Then this week I went and series linked it and watched another.

Man, caesarians look weird! I’ve spent the last 20 weeks listening to people tell me about the ‘joy’ of childbirth and having your baby plopped on your chest for immediate skin to skin but caesarians look like you’re completely detached for the experience. Of course, if I end up having to have one, that’s completely fine. It just struck me as odd to see the woman go through an elected caesarian. My heart went out to the woman who just wouldn’t dilate though. But I think I’d rather that than give birth to an 8lb 8oz baby! Eek!

But enough worrying about labour, I’ve still got the next ten weeks to get through. Well, seven until I’m full-term. And even before that, we’ve got the move to deal with. In two weeks’ time we’ll be in our new house! I’ve given myself the week off work to get in and get settled, so no doubt the nesting instinct will kick in. Hopefully that’ll be out of my system before my maternity leave starts so that I can just spend four weeks with my feet up. I’m looking forward to it already!

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