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Bump Watch: Week 31 – the last time

This week the less fun sides of pregnancy have been intensifying. Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant. I still think it’s crazy what’s going on in there and every time he moves, even though his little feet are rooting around in my ribs as he tries to kick his way out, it’s reassuring to know that he’s doing alright in there, if somewhat squashed! But the tiredness (bedtime is anywhere between 7 and 11pm at the mo!), achey legs/feet and irritability are getting rather tiresome and I kinda can’t wait for it to all be over – not that I’m hoping for a premature baby! He’s still got a good nine weeks of growing to go yet. But nine weeks isn’t really all that long and it has had me thinking about all of the ‘last’ things I’ll be doing. Not in a ‘oh, I’ll never get to do this again once I have a baby’ way but in a ‘we won’t get a chance to do this again for a while so let’s enjoy it’. Here are some things I’ll be making the most of over the next couple of months:

1. Last night out – we’re off out for dinner on Saturday night because yesterday was Pay Day and money will be a lot less ‘disposable’ soon. Plus I’ll falling asleep even earlier soon, so there’ll be no chance of an evening meal past 7pm!

2. Last ‘opening night’ cinema trip – The Avengers: Age of Ultron is due for release in the UK on 23 April, so that’s perfect timing. Unfortunately, there are several films due for release early in the summer that we want to see that we might not be able to, including Jurassic World. I’m sure we’ll make it work though.

3. Last day at work – I love my job but the idea of having four weeks to myself before the baby comes is starting to sound better every day!

4. Last lie-in – only 6% of babies are born on their due date, so even though I’m counting down the days, you never really know when it’s going to happen. So I’ll be treating every lie-in like the last one.

5. Last uninterrupted night’s sleep – the boyfriend hasn’t known an uninterrupted night’s sleep for a while now, as my snoring is getting more ‘impressive’ by the day. And although the baby wakes me up a couple of times a night to tell me that I need to pee, it’s been pretty easy to get back to sleep straight after. Not for long!

6. Last night in our amazing bed – we’re moving house on Wednesday and have to say goodbye to our amazing bed! It came with the house and is a super-comfy kingsize. We’ve picked up something secondhand for now for the new place but we think it’s a double rather than a kingsize. I’m going to miss the space – especially as I get even bigger! Less space just means more cuddles though, right?

7. Last time I can use the excuse that I’m eating for two – one slice of cake for me, one for baby. That’s ok, right?

8. Last chance to binge on TV shows – I’ve created my own Netflix list on the boyfriend’s account for the first few weeks of my maternity leave. There’s so much I’m planning on getting through!

9. Last chance to block-write and schedule blog posts – who knows when I’ll get a couple of solid hours to write again? I hope to keep blogging regularly but I imagine there’ll be a lot more short bursts. And the #lbloggers chat might be a bit of a stretch. I hope that internet connection is sorted super-quick in the new place so I can stock up on some posts before he comes along.

10. Last chance to just pop out for coffee/lunch with a friend – getting baby ready to go out will be a mission, with the pushchair, changing bag, etc. Plus there’s the added anxiety of breastfeeding in public and worrying that you’re talking about the baby too much. Looks like they’ll be popping round for a cup of instant instead!

31 weeks pregnant

I follow various baby websites, Facebook pages and blogs and something that I can’t help but notice (and which really bugs me) is the amount of posts about the things that change once you have a baby – and not for the better. They’re usually along the lines of ‘you still have late nights but they’re not nights out with the girls. Instead you’re awake for hours because of a screaming baby’ or ‘you can’t go to the cinema anymore’. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be focusing on the things that won’t change at all and those that will change for the better. I really resent the assumption that you can’t still do things that you want to do once you have a baby and that you’re putting your life on hold.

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