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Bump Watch: Week 35 – summer maternity wear

It’s my due date in five weeks – you can count the number of remaining weeks on one hand! But it still feels like forever away… I think once I hit ‘full term’ in two weeks it will feel a lot more real. In the meantime, each day gets a little harder, especially now that summer is on the way. I thought that I’d be able to go all the way with maternity jeans, as I didn’t want to fork out for any more clothes, but I had to admit defeat last week. It was worth it though, as the outfit I’m wearing below is probably the comfiest I own.

35 weeks pregnant

I really wanted to get some maternity linen trousers or some of those thin floral trousers everyone’s wearing at the moment, but they just don’t look right on me. Plus the only linen trousers I could find were white and that didn’t feel right for immediately pre and post arrival of baby. Better safe than sorry!

I dragged my mum around New Look for an hour and took 18 things into the changing room before leaving the store with the following

maternity summer clothes from new look
Black joggers, £14.99, split hem maxi skirt, £14.99, tile print joggers, £17.99, floral plimsolls, £12.99, black plimsolls, £9.99

With the problems with my foot and the generally swollen feet and ankles, I needed to invest in some bigger shoes. I wasn’t  happy about forking out for just a few weeks but the prices were reasonable and I don’t expect my feet to go straight back to normal straight away.

I received an email from New Look yesterday informing me of the 20% student discount offer they have at the mo so I just spent forever browsing their website for more summer clothes. Only a few of these are maternity and the rest are just a size bigger – handy for as the weight slowly drops back off. The side split skirts are super comfy so I wouldn’t mind getting some more colours, plus the joggers are great. Although most of the pairs I tried on look like PJs on me, the tribal ones looked ok so I might try one or more of the following

new look summer clothes
Abstract print trousers, £19.99, Abstract print trousers, £14.99, Diamond print joggers, £17.99, Floral joggers, £17.99

I’ve also been keeping an eye on potential swimwear and nursing tops and bras. I’m going to book a fitting for nursing bras in the next couple of weeks so I’m bookmarking these for when I know what size I’ll need. Good thing I’m so anal about planning and organising!

When I’ve not been shopping I’ve been keeping my feet up as much as possible. My foot is nearly better but the pelvic pain is getting worse by the day – it probably doesn’t help that I often forget to do my exercises… It has gotten to the point where when (not if) I need to pee in the middle of the night I have to wake Luke to help me out of bed. And he has to help me get out for work in the morning and tie my shoes for me. Wonderful! Also, I met my new midwife last week and I’m probably going to try a water birth. I’ve booked a tour of the Helston Birthing Unit for 5 May so we’ll see how that goes. At my next appointment we’ll be going through my birth plan so even though the chances are that plan will go out of the window (I’m being realistic), I think that’ll make me feel a bit more relaxed about it. Expect a post soon about birthing units vs hospitals/traditional vs water births. If you’ve got advice in the meantime, leave me a comment below!

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