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Bump Watch: Week 36 – maternity leave

Shit just got real! Tomorrow is my last day at work and this time next week I’ll technically be full term. I’m adamant that this pregnancy hasn’t ‘flown by’ but I still don’t feel ready. Mainly because the baby’s room and my hospital bag both still aren’t ready. Luke reckons the baby’s room isn’t a priority as he won’t actually be in it for a while but the nesting instinct is taking over and I really want to get it sorted next week. I’m also going to be sorting my hospital bag this weekend as the idea of being ‘full term’ is rather terrifying!

36 weeks pregnant

But enough about the preparing to give birth anxiety, I’m excited at the prospect of having four weeks of down time while The Boy (we’ll call him that until he comes out, even though we’ve already picked a name) finishes growing in me. For those of you worrying that I won’t know what to do with myself, I’ve already got my first week pretty planned out!

Saturday: Lunch at the parentals’ and catching up with family (read: nephew hugs, hopefully!)
Sunday: Hospital bag
Monday: Breakfast with a friend who is visiting who I’ve not seen since November – perfect timing! The boyfriend is also off for the day and I might make a second attempt at seeing Age of Ultron – I fell asleep first time round. It’s no reflection on the film, merely my state of pregnancy! Hopefully a 2.30pm screening will be more successful…
Tuesday: Tour of the local birthing unit to see how I feel about a water birth (I’ll update you on that next week)
Wednesday: Midwife appointment – we’re doing the birth plan! Plan my arse!
Thursday: VOTING! Although I’m still torn between two parties…
Friday: Rest day! I plan on having a massive Bloglovin catch up in time for #FollowFriday
Saturday: Hair cut! I’m ridiculously excited about this. I love the head massage!
Sunday: The boyfriend is off so hopefully we can finish the baby’s room off, i.e. put the cot together, hang the curtains, put up the vinyls, etc

I don’t know how I’ll feel on my last day tomorrow. I’ve been working with the team for two and a half years now and love them to bits. Nine months away from that is going to be weird but so exciting. People have made the assumption that I’ve been winding down in my last week but it’s been the complete opposite. Preparing to handover to someone else is strange, especially when you don’t know who will be ‘taking your place’, so I’m covering all bases as well as keeping my other jobs ticking over.

Ooh, here’s a video I recorded at the last midwife appointment. I’d been meaning to record the heartbeat for ages – it’s my favourite bit!

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