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My life in photos: April 2015

April was a big month for us as we moved into the house which will hopefully become our family home – exciting! Summer is also well and truly on the way, with lots of blue skies and ice creams. Yummers! I dread to think how boring my May photos are going to be now that I’m on maternity leave. I’ll pretty much be sat at home waiting for the baby to come, so expect lots of cups of tea, laptop shots and books, before a whole month of baby outfit of the days! Anyhoo, here’s my April!

my april in photos

1. Big start to the month – we moved house on 1 April! Over a month later, things still aren’t quite as they should be. Getting a teeny bit anxious now that the baby could arrive any day now!
2. I was really concerned about my planters getting knocked about during the move, especially now that my tulips had started coming up!
3. I bloody love this pasta from Sainsburys!
4. Spontaneous lunch at the Godolphin Arms. Gorgeous weather and beautiful view.
5. Awesome cake from the baby shower!
6. The planters are all at the front of the house while we wait for the landlord to clear everything from the back garden. I was worried the pretty tulips would get a bit battered by the winds so I cut them and put them in a vase.
7. Incredible non-alcoholic pina colada from the Godolphin Arms!
8. Finally set up the new office space – priorities!
9. My colleagues couldn’t make the baby shower and when I came back to work I found this lovely package on my desk.
10. I did some more marketing training and took along one of my beautiful Green Gables notebooks.
11. Incredible raspberry and lemon cake from Costa. Yum!
12. Boots randomly sent me a sample of Soap & Glory body butter. It came in very handy when I asked Luke to Veet my legs the other day #pregnancyproblems
13. Free cream tea at the marketing training – highlight of the day!
14. Beautiful blue skies in sunny Cornwall
15. Was a teeny bit excited to find the new pink raspberry Magnums in the shop at work
16. Treated ‘the baby’ to a waffle with ice cream, clotted cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries. He approved!

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