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Bump Watch: Week 38 – packing my hospital bag

Oh my god, I’m so uncomfortable! But it’s ok cos it’s nearly time, right? Right?! He’s gonna arrive some time in the next four weeks but if it’s more than four days I might have to hit the hot curries and epic power walks. I get more uncomfortable as the day goes on and it’s impossible to sleep at night for more than an hour at a time. I’m working on sleeping sitting up in bed but it feels so wrong that I inevitably end up on my side. I’ve mastered the art of three-hour naps on the sofa though! I’m totally ready for him to arrive now. My bag is packed, complete with nursing bras and tops so I’m breastfeeding ready too.

I started writing baby lists months ago – what to buy for the nursery, what I need a constant supply of for the changing bag, what to pack in the hospital bag… But when it came to actually packing my bag, I left it pretty late. In fact, I only finished packing it yesterday, once I picked up my new nursing bras. I’ve just ordered a couple of nursing vests from New Look too, which will be ready to pick up in store on Monday. I’ve got the Vertbaudet tees though. Here’s what I’ve got…

what's in my hospital bag

My mum lent me her adorable Winnie the Pooh bag. It’s just the right size for everything me and the baby need.

Although you can be kicked out of the hospital in just a couple of hours, you never know how long you’re going to be in for, so I packed plenty of big knickers (Bridget Jones, eat your heart out!), a pair of joggers (very cool Harry Potter ones from Primark!), PJs, a dressing gown, slipper socks, a vest top and a couple of nursing t-shirts.

what's in my hospital bag

Packing The Boy’s things was much more fun as I got to thinking about what he’ll be wearing when he comes home. And I was able to pack options because I don’t know how big he’s going to be – tiny, newborn and 0-3 months sizes.

what's in my hospital bag

The Bambi set I bought from Sainsburys makes me smile every time I look at it.

what's in my hospital bag

I also chucked in a few spare bodysuits, hats and scratch mitts, just in case, along with a pack of nappies, wipes and some burping clothes. How cute are these Winnie the Pooh cloths? And I love the Dumbo comforter I found in Hamleys when we were on holiday last year.

what's in my hospital bag

And then there’s the really fun stuff – super-absorbent disposable breast pads, disposable briefs, maternity pads, nipple cream… Lovely!

what's in my hospital bag

I wonder what the next week will bring!

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