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Bump Watch: Week 39 – pregnancy essentials

So it may be seven days until my due date but who knows when he’s going to decide to make an appearance? No, really, who knows because it’s killing me! I’d love it if he arrived beforehand, as long as it’s on or after Saturday – any earlier than that and Luke will have to go back to work for his 30th birthday. Boo hiss. But then apparently most first babies are late. Joy. We’ll see.

39 weeks pregnant

Anyhoo, as this ‘most amazing time’ comes to an end, I thought I’d share some of my pregnancy essentials with you. Even if you’re not pregnant yourself, it’s always good to know what’s handy to gift a newly pregnant friend or family member!

1. Cravings – mine changed pretty much with each trimester. In the beginning I couldn’t get enough bacon. If I had a particularly bad bout of morning sickness actually in the morning (evenings were the worst!), I’d re-stock my tummy with a small cooked breakfast when I got to work. In the second trimester it was all Frazzles, lemon cake and Tesco’s Finest sea salt and vinegar crisps. Towards the end I’ve barely stopped eating – little and often as my stomach is all squidged up with the little person inside me. I’ve been favouring Vimto, Ribena, tea rather than coffee, Jacobs cheese and onion crinklies and green seedless grapes. Oh, and if I’m missioning around town and dealing with hot flushes, Costa’s mango and passionfruit coolers are the best!

sleep body pillow from argos

2. Bedtime – I’ve become more uncomfortable each day lately but I’d still be lost without this body pillow from Argos. I keep the bottom half tucked between my knees and spoon the top half to try and stay off the bump. Even sleeping on my side at this stage feels like I’m still lying on the poor baby!

3. New Look – whodda thunk this high street staple would be perfect for maternity wear? From weeks 14 to 35 I lived in their maternity jeans and can be found in one of their long-sleeved tees or vest tops most days. I’ve also bought some nursing vests via their click and collect service – there’s a much better selection online than in store.

4. Marks & Spencer – not only do they stock adorable baby clothes and toys but they have been great for maternity and nursing underwear. I went for a bra fitting in the Hayle store a couple of months ago as I was fed up with guessing my size – and uncomfortable! Kathy, one of their fitters, was super-lovely and made me feel completely comfortable during the fitting and made sure I came away with what I needed. I went back last week to be measured for my nursing bras (you shouldn’t go more than a couple of weeks before as your boobs change so much) and also picked up some big pants and maternity tights – it’s the annual awards ceremony at work tomorrow night and I’m hoping to make it!

tums antacids

5. Tums – if you suffer with bad indigestion/heartburn/acid reflux you can get something to help for free on prescription. I can’t stand Gaviscon so I’ve been living on Tums. You can’t get them on prescription but a tub is normally about £3.99 and they last me 2-4 weeks. They’re just like sweeties! Yum! Should you also get a bit ‘backed up’, there are some not-icky medicines you can get too – make the most of those free prescriptions!

6. Netflix – sometimes you just wanna have a duvet day and there is hours of entertainment on Netflix. I spent so many nights watching Peep Show back to back and have just moved onto Gossip Girl for my daily entertainment. My list is probably months long!

7. Baby Centre app – I’ve loved seeing what my baby is up to each week. The fruit/vegetable he most resembles has been the topic of many a conversation at work!

8. Sleep – I slept nearly 12 hours a night in the first trimester and am reaching that again now. Sitting around doing nothing really does take it out of you! On the days where I have to get up for an appointment I normally find myself ‘napping’ for two or three hours on the sofa in the afternoon (is it still a nap if it’s for that long?). It can be so hard to sleep comfortably in the bed at night that those couple of hours sitting upright on the sofa really do make all the difference. Most days I sleep in til almost lunchtime, which is actually handy as it means I stay up until Luke goes to bed and get to see more of him in the evening.

9. Midwife – a friendly midwife who you can trust is essential. Don’t be afraid to ask for someone different if you’re not being treated the way you deserve. If we hadn’t have moved house I probably would have asked to change my initial midwife. She regularly ran over an hour late, took ages to send off my referral and didn’t chase results. Not what I needed! The woman I’m seeing in my new area couldn’t be better and always has time to answer my questions.

10. Me time – I’ve been making the most of my maternity leave, catching up on blogging, TV and reading – in between naps of course! I’m well aware that I won’t get this amount of time to myself again for a looong time. And I’ve got my feet up at every opportunity. On Tuesday my pelvic dysfunction wasn’t an issue until I went to bed as I’d been sat on my ass most of the day. As I should be!

Maybe next week’s baby update will feature a photo of the actual baby! Until then we have our nephew’s first birthday party on Sunday. He’s not one until my due date (eek!) but as it’s the middle of the week his party is on the weekend. Should be fun!

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