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Follow Friday #13

Loads of online inspiration this week. Feast your eyes on these lovely blogs

A Day in the Life of Pinterest – The New Yorker
21 Hilariously Honest Anna Kendrick Tweets That Prove She Just *Gets* You – Thought Catalog
Weekend Scenes || A Garden Picnic – Daydreams of Summertime
How to Create a Work From Home Space – Love Chic Living
Our New Shared Workspace Makeover… – Mummy Daddy Me
40 (Realistic) Things to Do Before You Turn 40 – Babble
25 before 25 – What Olivia Did
Joy of missing out – The Tea Drinking English Rose
30 Seriously Instagram-Worthy Buys For Your Desk – Hannah Gale

15 Unbelievably Beautiful Places To Visit In Cornwall – Cornwall Holiday Guide
The definitive guide to Cornish cider – Part 1 – Cornwall Holiday Guide

Lady’s Barcelona Survival Guide – A Lady in London
Winchester Wandering – October Eleven

10 Bizarre Things Pregnancy Did to My Body – Babble
Everything You Don’t Need for a New Baby – Babble
The Most Annoying Pregnancy Myth – Babble
22 Things Pregnant Women Do – Babble

Make it
Rainbow Fruit Kabobs – Chocolate-Covered Katie

How to get more followers on Instagram – Tint Up

My Funko Pop Vinyl Collection – more about cat

New favourite blog

7 thoughts on “Follow Friday #13”

  1. Anna Kendrick’s brain is like mine when I’m firing on all cylinders but by then I’m way too drunk to type. She’s just that witty normally – wow! A day in the life of Pinterest was genius. Did you relate to any of the things? *small voice* I did *blush*

    1. That Pinterest post was me all over! I loved that article so much I wish I wrote it. And I bleddy love Anna Kendrick – major girl crush.

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