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Saturday Share #90

Lots of interesting reads this week, covering travel, self-care, inspiration, blogging and endometriosis; a fascinating mixed bag. Grab a brew and enjoy! When bloggers I love share people and products who inspire them, I'm gonna check them out, especially these recommendations from Jemma and Ali. There are a few blog posts that have popped up… Continue reading Saturday Share #90

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Saturday Share #88

It's definitely a mixed bag of fave posts this week, including blogging tips, opening up about mental health, graphic novel recommendations and travel guides. I'm planning on redesigning/relaunching my blog by the end of the month (eek!) and I've found so many helpful posts this week on growing your blog and social media. I'm hoping… Continue reading Saturday Share #88

peg fairy lights from new look
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Item of the day: Peg fairy lights from New Look

New Look might be the home of top high street fashion but they're also bleddy great for blog photo props. This set of peg fairy lights is only £8.99 - perfect for hanging your favourite snaps over your bed. Just be sure to get a photo of those photos for Instagram! Crystal peg fairy lights,… Continue reading Item of the day: Peg fairy lights from New Look

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Saturday Share #82

It's been a busy week. Not one with a lot on, just one of those weeks which seems to have gone by really quickly and where you feel like you haven't really done anything. Fortunately my book reviews were scheduled ahead of time but I kept falling asleep when Jenson did and didn't post a… Continue reading Saturday Share #82

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Saturday Share #82

The blogosphere never fails to inspire me, week after week. This week I've loved posts on non-fiction books, Cornish businesses, improving your handwriting and responses to that questions parents of only children are tired of hearing. Enjoy! After being inspired by Tink's post on self-help books, I think I want to read more non-fiction this… Continue reading Saturday Share #82

poster by emily coxhead on etsy
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Item of the day: Poster by Emily Coxhead on Etsy

Emily Coxhead is a fabulous creature - I can't wait for my first issue of the Happy newsletter to arrive. I've been having a look around her Etsy store and love this Instagram poster. It's also available as a mug - for £3.50 and £8.00 respectively. Her quotes are lovely too. My faves are Robin… Continue reading Item of the day: Poster by Emily Coxhead on Etsy

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Saturday Share #63

This week is all about living the hygge life, swooning over blogger events and growing your blog. Plus the usual zillion books I've added to my wish list! Stationery It's that time of the year again - back to school supplies! I'm loving these wish lists from Charlotte and Claire Books I've long been fascinated… Continue reading Saturday Share #63

watching and reading bullet journal july 2016
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My bullet journal inspiration

Do you bullet journal? Where do you get your inspiration from? Mine comes from a combination of other bloggers, Facebook groups, Instagram and Pinterest. I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite links/users and images for those of you thinking about starting a bullet journal. The bloggers Hannah Gale Dorkface Hannah Emily Lane… Continue reading My bullet journal inspiration

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Saturday Share #60

There's something good about finding the time to publish these weekly posts late on a Saturday night (#partyon) - it means y'all have loads to read over your Sunday morning coffee! You're welcome. Read on for Cornwall travel tips, beautiful books, blogging recommendations and more. Cornwall Whether you're a local or you're visiting for a… Continue reading Saturday Share #60