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Bump Watch: Week 40 – is today the day?

Today’s the day! I’ve carried this little boy around with me every second of every day for the last nine months. He’s meant to come out now, right? Right?! Wrong! Well, if he is making an appearance today, it’ll have to be in the next three hours, which is incredibly unlikely.

40 weeks pregnant

Those of you who don’t want the gory/intimate details might want to skip the rest of this post and check back next week for another update as I’m about to reveal every little detail from today’s midwife appointment.

Before I got pregnant I didn’t really know much about what happens towards the end. I mean, I’m not stupid. I know a baby comes out and it’s bloody awful but I didn’t know much about being helped along the way and the particulars of inductions. I was offered a sweep today which I (somewhat) gladly accepted as I’m keen to get him out ASAP – I especially don’t want to go another two weeks! I was told at last week’s appointment that I could have one on my due date and Googled it a bit over the last week to see what it really involved and if I really wanted one. As much as ‘fingers sweeping across the cervix’ sounds odd and uncomfortable, I was willing to try anything. I warned the midwife that my cervix has been difficult to find at previous smears and colposcopies and she did have to root around about but it wasn’t as bad as I thought – going for a smear test is a more uncomfortable experience. It was a bit daunting being told that I could bleed afterwards and to keep an eye on how heavy it is but six hours later it’s so far so good. I’ve had some aching but paracetamol has taken the edge off so it could be worse! The main thing is that there’s a 50% chance that it could kick things off within 48 hours, which would be most awesome. I’m quietly optimistic as sometimes women go for their first sweep and everything’s still closed off but I’m already 1cm dilated, which I’m taking as a good sign.

If The Boy doesn’t make tracks in the next few days I’ll be having another sweep on Tuesday and I’m booked in for an induction the following Tuesday – at 8am! The midwife talked me through the process and I’m keen to avoid it if the little man is up for it. I think he’s getting a bit too comfortable! I hadn’t really thought much about inductions beforehand. I knew they start you off etc but figured it was trying to break your waters (we saw the contraption in the antenatal classes – yikes!) and put you on a drip etc but I didn’t realise it’s such a lengthy process. If it comes to it, I’ll rock up at the hospital at 8am, be monitored and examined, have a pessary, go for a bit of a trek around the hospital and see if anything happens. The next stage is trying to break my waters and if that doesn’t work I then go on a drip, at which point contractions come ‘thick and fast’, according to the midwife. That sounds fun! I’d much rather go into labour naturally and build up to the horrible contractions rather than jump right into the action. Being constantly monitored also sounds like it’ll be difficult for me to stay mobile and I already struggle to move if I’ve been on the sofa for an hour. Plus it sounds like a rather long day if I have to go through all the various stages, so I’ll have to add some more reading material to my hospital bag. So far I’ve got Ms Marvel Generation Why and Mollie Makes Social Media. I’ll throw in Little White Lies and The Simple Things too and hope that we can access some WiFi to watch stuff on the tablet.

I’ve scheduled some blog posts up until Monday lunchtime in case of baby’s arrival so if you don’t hear from me after then, assume that I didn’t have to be induced or have another sweep after all. Wish me luck!

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